Biggest Poker Tournament this year: 215 participants, record in Marbella!

Biggest Poker Tournament this year: 215 participants, record in Marbella!

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Biggest Poker Tournament this year

The 2016 edition of CEP Marbella has surpassed all records in the history of the CEP on the Costa del Sol. 215 entries for a new CEP of record.

The marbellí stop, the fifth and penultimate of the eleventh season of the Spanish Championship of Poker, has once again revealed the great year that the Spanish poker circuit is experiencing once again beating, something habitual this year, the record History of CEP participation in the province of Malaga.

Despite the limited success of the day 1A Marbella 2016, with only 67 players appearing for the Casino Marbella, few doubted get the best result of participation in the Andalusian historical event because of the high number of players qualified online through that Had confirmed their presence on day 1B of the tournament.

Only two levels after starting the day and with the possibility of re-entries and the late registration still open, the organization celebrated the fulfillment of the objective with a new figure in mind: the 200 participations, betting the majority by easily surpassing it.

The dinner break and the closing of the record confirmed the record, with Casino Marbella and the organization of the Spanish Championship of Poker announcing a total of 215 registrations in the CEP Marbella 2016, after confirming the 148 registrations on day 1B.

After nine levels of play, only 64 of all the players who played on day 1B of the Marbella stop remained alive, returning on day 2 to the tables of Casino Marbella a total of 83 players after adding the 19 survivors of day 1A .

Dionisio Robles at the head

The day ended with Dionisio Robles at the head with 247,000 chips, clearly highlighted the rest of survivors of day 1B.

David Lebrón commenting on the hand of the tournament. (Photo: CEP)

After him David Lebrón (196,000 chips) finished, protagonist of the elimination of Steve Enríquez, winner in Madrid, being the winner of the hand of the tournament until now, which we comment on in this article.

In third place, Francisco Cortés finished with 178,700 points, all of them away from Antonio Montoza, leader of day 1A with an impressive stack of 351,000 chips, who will start on day 2 in a prominent way.

Top10 of day 1B of the CEP Marbella 2016
Dionisio Robles 247,000 chips
David Lebrón 196,000 chips
Francisco Cortés 178,700 chips
Peeters François 145,700 chips
Adrián Almagro 142,100 chips
José Rubén Zurilla 132,200 chips
Angel Funes 122,600 chips
José Bulefer 121,900 chips
Juan Murcia 121,900 chips
José Luis Fernández 107,600 chips

We also find Antonio Ponce, Ángel Martínez, Toni Vázquez, Isidre Just, Sven Danckaers, Rafa Muñoz, Valeriano Toledano, Manuel Clement, José María Echevarne, Manuel Sadornil, José Antonio Landa and Tiago Anastacio among others.

This year does not ring!Jordi will not be able to add his 4th scepter.

Finally, we emphasize the classification for Day 2 with 75,400 chips winner of last CNP Bilbao 2016 Mladen Ivanov , who with his victory in the Basque Country got a complete package to compete in the Battle of Malta 2016 and is proving to be a great shape.

Jordi Martinez yields his scepter

The “quasi-eternal” Champion of Spain of Poker, Jordi Martínez “Alekhine” award winner and three – time champions Spain , reached the CEP Marbella 2016 with the almost impossible task of fighting for renew his scepter.

The legend of Spanish poker in general and of the CEP in particular needed, after his absence due to incompatibility in his calendar in the past CEP Madrid won by Steve Enríquez, a great performance in Marbella to go to the Peralada stop, last of the year, with Options to revalidate his hegemony in the circuit.

Much to his regret, Jordi Martinez could not even threaten to get the heroic and fell to the eighth level of the tournament.

Enríquez is also out

Steve Enriquez, CEP Madrid 2016 winner , managed to climb to second place in the overall standings after major tournament in the capital of Spain.

The expert teacher, excellent player and great person attracted the attention of many of those present in the Casino Marbella, but unlike in Madrid, his stack did not grow exponentially in the first levels but this diminished outside the wishes of the Cantabrian player.

Enríquez has not been able to repeat the feat of Madrid in Marbella.

After dinner and an all-in, he was able to overcome the initial stack for the first time since the tournament began, but when we all expected an ascent of Enríquez to the skies came an incredible hand in which his pair of aces faced the kings Scored by David Lebrón.

In the first instance Lebron received Enrique’s cooler, but a king on the river turned the situation and Steve was eliminated in a spiced bad beat in addition to a pair of queens pre-flop another table fellow, who also Was subordinated to Lebron.

Steve Enriquez, expert poker PokerStars Spain, explained exactly this hand a couple of years ago in an article that showed the difference between cooler and bad beat , with the only difference that in your example that the hand had with the king in The river was him.

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