Big police action cracks

Big police action cracks gambling in Liquor stores

The Dallas police had something illegal to work on, and they have done their job right- with a little help from local friends. It was something that was investigated for several months now, but the police were unable to crack the case on their own. Seems like the gamblers and the organizers of these events knew how to hide the events. They chose good locations to open liquor stores, and good basements inside to hide the events and the happenings. This was done with the help of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and few local Texas gambling organizers that previously this year and last year did the same in their Liquor store. It is funny and surprising how and why they are helping the police and go against themselves literally to crack some mafia like theirs in another city.

The first Liquor stores with gambling tables and mini casinos inside were cracked in few neighborhoods outside the main part of the city and slowly but surely they started to open the doors to their brothers working in the next hidden casinos. Ten more stores were cracked with illegal gambling found inside, while the others that the police know are out there remain hidden and it is a matter of time when the next clue will lead the police to them and crack them.

In the United States there are special delegates made for illegal shops and casinos that are dealing with these kinds of situations. They are called the T A B C and they were called this week to help the Dallas police as well as the Texas volunteers who decided to help the police and the town.

They determined that this action was one big and that it has had its roots several years ago, but could not start because of not having enough evidence. Now that the first clues have been put out on public, with a little mistake made by the gambling owners who leaked the word of having illegal casinos hiding in their store, the evidence were enough and the action started.

Around 10 Liquor shops in Dallas neighborhood were caught holding illegal casinos, several of them had black jack and poker tables, while most of them had machines that were banned for usage outside the legal casinos.

The T A B C commented about the whole situation and they said that the rules to open and run a casino are strict and that it is expected in every town to have some kind of illegal gambling places, since they offer something that the big casinos don’t offer, and that people search for different ways to earn cash. Some of the gamblers and illegal gambling shop owners only do it for fun and friends, which explains why the rules are strict and that something has to be done to change them.