Big Juan Slot Review

Big Juan Slot Review

It is the new slot of Pragmatic Play to attract the players towards the slot machine. The theme of the game has taken from the Mexican parties to show more than the past. We have seen that the significant role in the slot is of a burly Mexican man. Most of the features showed that the makers wanted to create some imagination before some centuries. With the presence of a couple of revolvers and fun, the slot is fantastic in one place.

Reels & RTP

There are five reels in the slot machine and only 40 lines to cover the entire slot machine. If you play well during the whole time, no one can stop earning 2,600x the stake. The symbol of wilds bonus and others are enough to create the free spins and re-spins at the end of gameplay.

Betting and Prizes

After knowing all the above functions and features, the 2nd focus of players is to know about the betting range. You need to gather 40 coins to complete the reels and symbols matching. I have checked that the minimum amount of 40 cents required to unlock the game. If you succeed in making the pairs and combination, be ready to earn $520,000 in a single spin.


How will you run the complete game? It is essential to learn about it all the time. Red Chili is the best symbol to do all the required work at the same time. All these symbols will do the process of alternate. In the middle of the game, you can change the regular characters into the premium ones simultaneously.

The bonus symbol will also find through the help of it. It means that you may substitute all the time. There are many free spins, and multipliers will wait for you at the end of game playtime.

Theme & Design

The theme of the game has taken from the Mexican style. Most of the signs in the slot showed the decoration in a town and musical instruments. No doubt, it is the same theme that we are expecting all the time. The man who is shooting with the help of a revolver is the central role.

Red Chilli will perform as wilds, and pinata symbols will create bonuses for the players. There are nine symbols to fill the screen with the Guitar, Hot sauce, girl and Big Juan.


I tried my best to post all the required information about the slot of Big Juan. No doubt, the pragmatic created the best hope for the viewers to get the real jackpots. We failed to find new functions and features in the slot machine. You need to unlock the game after knowing all the primary input. I disagree with this slot.