Big 7 Slot Review

Big 7 Slot Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Big 7 Slot Review

Nostalgia can be very inspiring and slot machines which take us back can have accomplishment sometimes, especially in the event that they’re founded on games that we’re comfortable with. In Big 7, we’re seeing an online transformation of a slot machine that was famous, thinking back to the 80s, an extremely simple game by the present principles. It is planned by Realistic and it brings the Electrocoin slot to online casinos. It is a simple premise and a considerably easier design it works for those that are searching for something like that.

The slot offers 3×1 reels with 1 active line. With it, you can get prizes of up to 150x the stake and also it is normal that its RTP will be 96% and the instability Medium. The Hold option and Nudges are the big features that can get you some assistance along the way.

Betting and Prizes

Try not to go searching life changing jackpots in Big 7, it isn’t so much that kind of game. Its absolute best payouts will arrive at 150x the stake. It’s not extraordinary, especially as the game should have Medium unpredictability but the developer figures out how to keep the RTP at 96%.

Big 7 Slot Features

The Hold button is the one you see under every one of the three reels. You can utilize it to keep the reels that are helpful to you and re-spin the others. This endeavors to get you the missing images that will permit a combination to form.

And afterward, there is additionally the opportunity that after a losing round, you will get 1 to 3 bumps. These will permit you to move images downwards, by one position. On the off chance that you actually don’t get paid after this feature, there is likewise a possibility that an extra reward called I Can Do Better will trigger. This will give those reels an extra nudge to get you paid.

Another possible feature which can come after winning rounds or nudges is the one which gives you 1-2 Holds. You get an opportunity to win again that round.

Regardless of whether the Nudge feature doesn’t make you anything, you can get one more chance through an additional Hold option that the game can grant.

Theme and Design

The slot machine depends on a land-based cabinet game that was delivered many years back and it was brought to the online market. It depends on essentially a similar plan as the customary adaptation, so it’s somewhat dated by all accounts. The theme is motivatef by classic fruit and other symbols. In spite of the fact that it’s currently on the internet, it actually seems as though it’s aspect of a land-based machine, on the off chance that you go by the decorations that surrounds it.

Getting to the images added to the reels, you see the top paying Lucky 7, Bar logos, Cherries and Watermelons.


Big 7 originates from Realistic and Electrocoin and it appear that it will turn out to be best for the players that actually have a soft spot for the past. It has as great of a RTP most new slots and keeping in mind that the top payouts are on the low side, you likewise get just four images in that little game region. The thing is, in case you’re not a big fan of the retro games, you don’t need to check this one out.

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