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We’ve all had spells where we make a few decent bets, and the money comes rolling in. You’ve hit a lucky streak, and keep on making cash with every bet you place. It gets to the point where you start thinking, what if I just did this for a living? There’s no way you could stay at home and live your life as a pro gambler, right?

Wrong. There are many professional gamblers out there who place bets for a living. They have ups and downs, but the ups outweigh the downs. The big question is; what does it take to be a pro gambler? Can anyone become one, and is it profitable?

In this piece, we’re going to tackle all those questions and show you just what it takes to make gambling your job. But, before we begin, it’s important we get one thing straight. Even pro gamblers lose bets and see their profits dip from time to time. Just because you do this for a living, it doesn’t mean you’ll always win every bet!

Research & Patience

First thing’s first, to become a good professional gambler you need to conduct a lot of research and be incredibly patient. Most pro gamblers have success specialising in one area. For example, you could bet on one sport – maybe two, three max. The reason you narrow things down is because you will have to treat gambling like it’s a real full-time job. That means hours and hours researching bets and checking different odds. If you only focus on one sport, then it means you can research that sport thoroughly and get to know the markets well and which bets are good value and which are bad. There are tipster sites like Betting Gods where you can find loads of information on different matches and get notified of special offers any betting sites have. This is an essential part of your research, as offers can help enhance odds and make a bet more worthwhile.

You need patience because you have to be very selective with your bets. This isn’t like casual betting where you just have a punt on a few different bets without much regard for the odds. Here, you’re dealing with single bets, sometimes doubles, and triples at the most. You have to be patient and wait for the best bets to appear, then cash in on them before their value drops.

No Distractions

As mentioned earlier, you must treat gambling like it’s your job. So, you need to set up a little office for yourself at home. You need a quiet place where you can focus on betting and be free from any distractions. All of your time during the day should be taken up by researching different bets or placing bets. There shouldn’t be time for anything else, this is your profession now, it’s what you do for a living. If you get distracted, then you could miss out on a bet that earns a decent profit. Remember, every penny counts when you’re building up profit, so you can’t afford to be distracted.

A Schedule

Following on from the previous point you also need to create a schedule for yourself. Set an alarm every morning and get up and be ready for you day’s work. Schedule in some breaks throughout the day where you can stretch your legs, grab something to eat, or take a few hours off. This will help you get it into your head that this is a job. It makes it feel more serious, and you realise betting has gone from a hobby to your profession.

Keep Betting Records

Perhaps the most important thing is to keep track of all your bets. No professional gambler forgets to do this, it’s the number one rule. Why? Because it helps you keep track of your money, and can also help you learn from mistakes. You can look at all your losses and figure out if there was a common factor that caused each loss, and should be avoided in the future.


Finally, you have to create a budget for yourself. Decide how much money you will set aside to spend on betting every month. Be smart, start off small and then grow your budget when you start making more money. In the beginning, your budget is likely to come from savings or borrowed money. But, as you start earning more winnings, you can begin to fund yourself while also putting some away to cover living costs and general daily expenditure.

That’s all there is to it, anyone can become a pro gambler if they follow the advice in this guide. You have to take things very seriously, you could spend hours a day doing research and only place about five bets for that day. It’s a long grind, but you can pocket a lot of money every month.

There are of course alternatives if you don’t feel like doing all the hard work yourself; tipsters exist covering a range of sports and betting style. One leading example is who for a reasonable monthly fee will do all that work for you and summarise their recommendations in one daily email, ideal if you are starting out betting as a second income or simply value your time too much.

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