Betting on Greyhound Racing

Betting on Greyhound Racing

Posted on November 10, 2023 by in Betting

The UK, Australia and parts of the US take their dogs very seriously. It is common to hear of big racing events for their greyhounds, and with races come bookmakers. Bookies rake in millions in profits from the races.

Greyhound Attributes

Partaking in online betting is not as easy as looking at which dog won the last race. There are a number of dog attributes that a punter must bear in mind. Consider how well the dog starts off. Front runners use lots of energy early while “closers” have a surge of energy towards the end and can swiftly overtake the rest.

The class of dog, although hard to determine, can be gauged by studying a greyhound’s advance through the different grades.

Dogs which can overcome obstacles, bumps and other mishaps are described as having heart. This is desirable in a dog since trouble is very easily run into. The first turn is the most common place to watch out for as the dogs clash. A little trouble could very easily affect a dog and his final results.

Race Details

The grade or class of race is a very important factor. A dog that won in one class has to move up to the next. There are a variety of classes with AA at the very top of the list and D at the bottom. Checking out the class will tip you as to the caliber of greyhounds in the race. The M class is for dogs that are viewed as less ambitious as they have had a hard time winning.

Race distance is also a crucial bit of info to consider. There are dogs that perform better in longer as opposed to shorter distances, so keep your eye on that as well.

Types of Bets

There’s a wide range of bets available. The most straightforward is of course picking the winner in a race. Expanding on this, you can have an each-way bet where you are relying on a dog coming in top two. You could also pick dogs you believe will come in first and second called a straight forecast. A reverse forecast is a variation of this where the order is unimportant, just as long as the two you picked top the race.

All in all, greyhound racing can be very entertaining and to wager you only need well-done homework.

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