Betting on Boxing

Betting on Boxing

As a sport, boxing may not rake in followers by the millions, but it still has managed to build up a devoted fan base. Countries that have churned out a good number of quality fighters form the larger part of the fans.

On the online betting scene, boxing has been known to attract a large number of bettors. Take the most recent widely publicized fight between Manny Pacquiao and boxing legend Floyd May weather for instance. Big wads of cash stood as wagers backing both sides. That night bookmakers were maxed out with hundreds upon thousands of bets placed.

Although that particular 2015 fight had many punters playing with their hearts (as it happens often in top dog versus underdog scenarios), when betting in boxing, you need to be well aware of all the details and background research. It is no secret that it can be very hard to predict the outcome of a boxing match. Basic things to consider in predicting a winner include a boxer’s fighting records, his recent fights, his chin and his weight. If a boxer had to lose or gain weight for a specific match, the after-effects could come to affect him while in the ring.

A slight drawback of boxing is how irregular the matches can be. Big fights are unpredictable, but you can be sure the media will alert you when one is in the pipeline.

Now for the punters, bookmakers have laid out a wide array of betting types in boxing. There is the most apparent picking the winner. Note that there are boxing matches that end in a tie in which case wagers backing either fighter are counted as losses. Aside from the fighters, you can also bet on the rounds played, that is whether they will be over or under a given number of rounds whose odds are worked out by the bookmakers. There are also bets on the method by which the match will be won (Stoppage or KO) or in which round a specific boxer will win the match.