Betsoft Launches Wild Slot Machine: Tiger’s Claw

Betsoft Launches Wild Slot Machine: Tiger’s Claw

Betsoft Gaming released a few weeks ago the sequel to the Sugar Pop Slot Machine , which was eagerly awaited by the online gambling community. Today, we will talk about another slot that has just released: Tiger’s Claw, which is available on Cheri Casino .

Tiger’s Claw is a 5-reel, 720 pay-line machine that transports you to a wild and icy environment. Imagine your position in the tent that you see on the right of the reels, warm and overlooking the valley. Let the hunt begin!

Goal: To reach a maximum of free spins

Tiger’s Claw is a machine with a particular structure since the number of rows varies to offer a pyramidal structure. This structure makes it possible to count 720 payment lines, knowing that these lines are legible in both directions, to the right and to the left. This allows it to have a fairly low volatility, so to have regular earnings (on average).

Tiger’s Claw offers free spins to find with blue orbs. Five of these orbs allow access to free spins but it is possible to get much more! Indeed, players can grab up to 96 free spins at once. As the number of free spins can still increase during this game mode, you can even go up to 240 free spins in one session!

Each time you access the free spins, the decor changes to offer warmer and more pleasant colors. This is the sign for you that your purse will start to be filled with gold coins.

Tiger’s Claw offers other scatters represented by the Shaman. This shaman is useful for finding immediate gains and it can be very generous. If three scatters make you cash twice the initial bet, five shamans found on the reels are the equivalent of a gain of 50 times your stake.

The release of Tiger’s Claw, which is compatible on both PC and mobile devices, is good news for Betsoft fans, especially thanks to the atmosphere of the latter. We liked it less than Sugar Pop 2, because this one is exceptional, but Tiger’s Claw is a quality addition for Betsoft!