Betsoft launches new partnerships in 2017

Betsoft launches new partnerships in 2017

Posted on November 10, 2023 by in Gambling

Betsoft has started well this year. Although the first quarter is still not at all, the company has already launched three new partnerships. The establishment on the market of the online casinos goes so brightly. Finally, the company is now working with Suprnation, Ever Rich Tech and GoWild Gaming. And the three new partners will certainly benefit from this cooperation.

Contract with Suprnation is under the roof

Betsoft is a well-known company in the gambling industry on the Internet. Because with great 3D games, always a lot of players get their money’s worth. An expansion in the online market is therefore not only very worthwhile for the company, but also for the partner companies. With Suprnation, the company has now again brought a good partner into the boat, with which one can certainly increase the success of the company even more. Because Suprnation operates the online casino, a site that is well-frequented. The contract with Suprnation is also already signed. Suprnation can now look forward to using the entire portfolio of Betsson’s Blockbuster Slots3 ™. These slots are notoriously flawed and as 3D slots more than just popular. And of course, the contract still has further usage rights for Suprnation. This is because Betsoft will provide the entire line of ToGo ™ games to the company. These games are special developments that have been created especially for mobile gaming.

Suprnation is looking forward to working together

With Betsoft and Suprnation one is very glad that now a solid cooperation was started.Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Betsoft, Mark McKeown praises the great experience that Suprnation has.Because there you know exactly what it means to help shape the market and establish itself?In addition, McKeown is convinced that both companies will also reach new levels of success with their cooperation.Finally, the company continues to develop iGaming content, which is new on the market and is therefore innovative and exciting.

Henrik Anderson from Suprnation also sees great opportunities in the deal. He is therefore convinced that with the contents of Betsoft you can make your own pages start-up for the future and offer the customers an even better offer. After all, the Betsoft games are very popular, and Anderson is particularly good at it. Above all, the ToGo ™ games impress Anderson very much and let him into the swarm. This contract will ultimately help both sides to more success.

Collaboration with Ever Rich Tech is now also available

With Ever Rich Tech, the company has launched the second new partner this year. Ever Rich Tech operates the iGaming website Bet98 and will be able to offer even more games through the now closed contract with Betsoft Gaming. For contractually it was regulated that in the online Casino Bet98 then the entire portfolio of games by Betsoft can be offered. This is not only the complete collection of Slots3 ™ games, but also video poker and table games. And the entire portfolio of mobile games from the ToGo ™ line can be used by Ever Rich Tech for the Bet98 casino. Bet98 is mainly represented on the Asian market and is very well positioned there. After all, this market is fast growing and Betsoft can now build a solid footing with this deal with Ever Rich Tech.

Also with Bet98 one sees the future very positively. The marketing manager Fanny Ma, confirmed that at bet98 only the very best games would be available to the customers. And for this intention, Betsoft was, of course, a logical and obvious choice to enter into a partnership. At bet98, you are also convinced that this partnership will have a good future and is based on solid pillars.

Great coup with GoWild Gaming succeeded

Probably the best deal in this still very young year, Betsoft Gaming has certainly closed with GoWild Gaming. Casino GoWild, which is run by GoWild Gaming, is not only very popular, especially on the European market, but also a very popular casino among players. The deal between GoWild and Betsoft includes the fact that Betsoft now gives the casino complete access to the Slots3 ™, the very popular 3D slots, and also the ToGo ™ games for the mobile area. The GoWild portfolio will be a great success, and for Betsoft it means that more players will be able to experience the genius games of the company.

At GoWild Gaming you are excited and delighted

Mark McKeown, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Betsoft, knows very well that GoWild Gaming has brought a partner into the boat who is not just a lot of experience. GoWild Casino is one of the industry leaders, and this company is now working with Betsoft. Finally, it shows that Betsoft Gaming is designed to meet the highest demands of games and deliver high quality. The fact that GoWild will shape a successful future, does not doubt McKeown. GoWild and Betsoft will surely support each other very well.

At GoWild, of course, one does not doubt the future success with the deal. Shira Segabon, Head of Marketing and Content at GoWild, confirmed that, at GoWild, they always rely on the best quality and reliable partners. At Betsoft, both are offered, and therefore GoWild also looks very confident about the future. With the wide range of games from Betsoft Gaming, GoWild Casino will certainly make many customers happy and offer them even more.

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