Betfair Casino: Blackjack Bonus when gambling!

Betfair Casino: Blackjack Bonus when gambling!

Blackjack is one of the oldest casinos in the world. After all, this card game has long been at home at the tables of the casinos around the world and still inspires the players like on the first day. For all blackjack lovers, the Betfair Casino has now devised something very special. You can secure your share from a prize pool of 10,000 euros or your shares. You can win not only once, but several times until the prize pool is exhausted. And the normal winnings for blackjack are also available.

Blackjack bonus of 5 Euros for every blackjack!

Betfair Casino is available for all players.At least for all the players who are at one of the live casino tables, where blackjack is played?There is then for each Blackjack, which is achieved, a bonus of 5 euros.Every day, up to five times 5 Euro can be won at the Live Blackjack at Betfair Casino.ND this is not exactly the worst bonus you can wish for the start of the New Year.After all, it is not so rare that a blackjack is achieved and you can still benefit from it.The normal profit, which you get anyway already with blackjack, which is still top, as a regular profit without sales conditions.There are for the bonus.

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The special at the Live Blackjack at the Betfair Casino is scheduled for 12th January at 23.59 clock. However, it may be that the action may end slightly earlier, if the prize pool of 10,000 euros is empty. Because if all the shares from this Preispool are gone, then the special is automatically terminated. This means that you should not waste any time in order to quickly secure your share or your shares in the Pre Pool. 2,000 shares are finally distributed and it would be a pity if you would not pick up one of the 2,000 winnings.

If you are among the winners and have received a 5 Euro bonus with a blackjack, you have to convert it ten more times so that you can get this winnings, including the winnings from the bonus, as a payable credit. But ten times is really not much and this turnover is in the Betfair casino completely within the normal framework. They also have seven days for this, so that no time problem should occur. In addition, canceled bonuses will be forfeited as well as the profits from them if you make a cancellation. In addition, there are other terms and conditions that you must meet in order to be able to experience this Live Blackjack Special. This includes, for example, that you can only participate with one player account, which you do not really touch if you have only one player account at Betfair Casino. And the general terms and conditions of the Betfair casino are of course also for this live casino blackjack action.