BetSoft Gaming progresses with launch of HTML5 software

BetSoft Gaming progresses with launch of HTML5 software

BetSoft gaming unveiled its new platform named Shift and designed to take advantage of all the benefits of HTLM5 technology.

In the future, all BetSoft games will be integrated into the new Shift platform, and the new generation of titles developed by the developer will be entirely in HTLM5 format. This is a format considered to be the international standard and compatible with all computers and mobile devices.

Shift platform has been created by the provider of casino software online BetSoft in order to compensate for the fact that Adobe will no longer support Flash as was announced recently. With Shift, games designed by BetSoft, the leader in 3D kinematics, will continue to amaze players with beautifully detailed graphics and great animations.

Among the advantages of Shift is the fact that the platform can be used on any browser, whether it is Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, without the need to integrate Additional plug-ins from third parties. This ensures the security of the platform which will not be exposed to cyber-attacks, which will bring peace of mind to players and operators. Game enthusiasts can now enjoy 3D titles with the new Shift platform that uses a more efficient motor to rotate the sub BetSoft machines. The new animation engine offers a higher frame rate, and all animated scenes run remarkably smoothly, allowing for more graphically complex animations. Because of this, players may be entitled to a more immersive and more satisfying gameplay.

BetSoft’s online casino software and Value added by the Shift platform

BetSoft Gaming sees the new Shift platform as the next evolutionary step in the online gaming industry and is a remarkable accomplishment for both the developer and the industry itself. Mark McKeown, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BetSoft, also said that if the mobile casino technology HTML5 existed for some time, it is only now that the facilities are sophisticated enough to fully exploit excellence that it brings to the level of the visual effects and give right to products of higher quality for which BetSoft is known. McKeown said the company was particularly proud to launch a complete solution like Shift for future game development.

BetSoft Gaming will continue to provide its flash game library to all its customers who are still enjoying its incredible range of games on older computers and devices. Even as the company continues to improve each game included in its range of 3D titles to pass it on the Shift platform in order to ensure better synchronization, it can safely be said that BetSoft is making considerable advances which will allow it to offer an interactive experience to its players and the casino operators it supplies as Tropezia Palace for example.