Best Slot Machine Casino Game

Best Slot Machine Casino Game

Everybody who has ever played slots for at least five minutes seem to feel that they’re qualified to find the best slot machine. Best usually means the loosest slot, meaning that the car seems to pay out more coins than have been played, at least for a time period. There are as many theories as there are individuals on the way to find this elusive machine. Many people believe strictly in luck. After about 30 mins her tune had modified to Pay up you tight son of a bitch, followed by a whack on the machine glass. Some people love to test the temperature of the machine before they begin playing.

Each one has its adherents. Others use the attendant must know theory and ask the slot attendant that is the best machine to play. A variation of this is to watch another slot machine when playing and if the machine hasn’t paid a jackpot in a very long time, to consider playing the machine as it should be ready to pay. The location inside the casino is also essential for many players. Some players say that aisle machines are the best, while others believe that the loosest slots are hidden in back corners in order that they do not get much play.

I wish I could tell you that one of those approaches works. You might consider that I’ve saved you some money, as each of those approaches have been touted at one time or another in slot publications of dubious value. Perhaps some have understood it and some don’t. A lot of players believe that nos cases can push a button within a slot, or jiggle a number of levers and change the payouts. With the microprocessor controlled slots, the chip itself must be changed to affect the payout percentages. Changing the chip requires the skill of an experienced technician and several hours work.

You can be sure that slot payouts in a certain casino won’t change with nightfall or from a weekday to a weekend. Clearly, talking to the machine or caressing it, isn’t likely to have any effect on a pc chip controlled mechanism. Neither is the temperature of the machine nor the warmth of the coins. Slot machine levers have zero influence on the arbitrary number generating chip controlled machines. The machines could just as easily be activated by a button or a pull string. The days of handles activating gears which determined the rate of spin of the reels are long gone. Every one of those theories might occasionally win some money for their adherents, but consider: Randomly selecting any machine might work just as well. We’re after something a little more definitive.

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