Best half full than

Best half full than

Best half full than half empty (80-76)

The case falls in Murcia in a tight finish in which he was sentenced options and the duo formed by Cabezas and Campazzo. The distance with relegation still three wins and is one day less.

Reza is a saying that old rockers never die. Nor veterans who they have been something in this basketball as demonstrated Cabezas, a world champion with Spain that always grows when he plays against Sevilla CB. It does not matter if you do with the shirt of Unicaja, the CAI, the Baskonia or Fuenlabrada. The Malaga is coming up and it was the key factor, the bullet in the chamber of Fotis Katsikaris for your UCAM Murcia a tight duel with alternatives decided at the last second carry, although based almost left him before seen for judgment.

And the Greek coach, who had seen how Luis Casimiro after being touched a rose to get ahead 29-14 late in the third quarter (48-49), used a wow factor with which the Sevillian box surely he did not count. Cabezas, who sat in the last 10 minutes, and Campazzo played together to score 22 of the 32 points of his team in the final quarter, with Hankanson running behind either unclear in many defenses, Alfonso exceeded Sanchez and Miljenović totally lost.

Bamforth, who left the door behind Murcia to return home, had his day despite having the appointment marked on the calendar and Nachbar, intermittent, offensive reference was not looking for the Andalusian club. Fortunately he appeared, as always, a Balvin able to throw the team on his back and with it the CB Sevilla began climbing after conceding a partial 22-4: 7-11 to 29-15 that Radovic placed in the light. The output of the second track murciana allowed takeoff unit with a Kelati successful from the perimeter, and Faverani dominating Cabezas attending painting. Decontrol came back from a lack of ideas in attack, with individual actions of each other that did not carry more than the error.

But Casimiro were tempered, Miljenović allied with fortune scoring when searching for a alley oop house brand with CB Sevilla Balvin and returned to the game. Mainly hand Czech giant, after taking a break soon returned to track after Jordan made three fouls in just a minute and a half. With the pivot tidying and sending in painting, they achieved a 0-9 visitors to make a fresh start and go into the break with their options intact despite seven turnovers (12 in the first half).

The passage through the locker room sat him better Casimiro, who came from behind and rowed not got nervous when the UCAM, mainly with triples, opened a small gap. Nothing insurmountable for a set that seems mature mentally key aspect of a struggle for salvation in which more and more involved. The 39-32 to put Campazzo from beyond the line of 6.75 meters, for example, was not a problem. Nor does the 44-37 which placed Cabezas. The connection with Balvin is a safe and fighting for rebounds matched