Best duo in the world?

One hundred and ninety-eight! So many players were selected in the NFL draft in 2000, before the Bill Belichick pulled the key move in the sixth round and chose Tom Brady. Fifteen years later, with four Super Bowl on account of both, it turned out that as a historic move

When he pulled that move almost 15 years ago, probably no I Belichick did not even dream that he had chosen a man who would mark his career, just as a great coach marked Brady. Brady’s Patriots began to replace the undisputed Drew Bledsoe (who was also a great QB), and after injuries aforementioned Brady took the pole position, which he never dropped. One hundred and ninety-ninth man in the NBA draft last victory became the most successful, and perhaps the best quarterback in the history of football. This was achieved in the 49th edition of the Super Bowl, where the New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks score of 28:24 , and so reach their fourth ‘buckets’ in a record eight appearances. The vast majority of the history of this franchise belongs duet that marked not only one stage of football, but sports in general, in the past fifteen years. And it is a duet player-coach, the duo Belichick-Brady , who this victory certainly become the best duet in the history of football, but certainly contenders for best duet player-coach in the history of the sport in general. Given the importance of tactics in American football (probably the most sophisticated tactical sport in the world), as well as the importance of the quarterback, as extended arms of the coach on the field, the relationship between man ‘with a throw-line’, and the first player quarterback, but is gaining in value, as well as achievements.

It almost does not exist a record that the duo would not be held. The duo have made to the most wins during the regular season, and the most wins in the playoffs (even 21 wins), with the highest performance (up to 28). Bellichick is the only coach (with Don Shula ) who came to the Super Bowl six times, just as it is the only quarterback Brady which it succeeded. In addition, as a head coach or assistant, Bellichick has nine appearances in the Super Bowl, which is an absolute record league. With four wins Bellichick equalize at the top with Chuck Noll, just like Brady is now tied with Montana and Bradshaw. Brady is a quarterback who is now in a playoff over all relevant statistical records ; most games, most wins, most TD adding throughout the playoffs, but in the Super Bowl. In addition, against the Seattle also had the most accurate passes (37 of them) in one Super Bowl, and the only record that had escaped the most yards in the most important game, which still holds Kurt Warner.