Become ‘sparring’ (81-60)

Become ‘sparring’ (81-60)

It was a worthy sparring Unicaja until the bottom fell out, with the subject image. In a qualifying match without significance, in which only the honor and good name is at stake. it comes to see details. Joan Plaza placed 2-3 zone that was the leitmotif for the bulk of the party. As recognized in the break on television, the reason was his team garrison casualties and diminishing wear face the tenderloin week, the Endesa League. He also might be worth tactics to draw conclusions for specific times.

In the absence of Cooley also had Kenan Karahodzic minutes. A year ago the coach predicted it could be a rival of Nemanja Bjelica. But expectations have been diluted with the Bosnian, who has not given space in the first team. It is true that has not mastered in the LEB Plata as could be expected, but left the impression that there’s talent. And that surely has lost a year in its evolution. The first that came got a triple that gave the first lead of the game Unicaja (20-21). After a basket colaría more. The Lokomotiv had started strong (10-2) and clouding prospects of another cloudburst, but the Unicaja competed, which is asked in such a party, which also applies to reinforce feelings charger, an abstract term but that everyone who plays repeated like a mantra showing the importance of feeling comfortable with what you do. An image that spread outward, energy or vibration is also planned. The end would be negative.

Kuzminskas gave points to attack and Lokomotiv clashed with the Malaga area, later the shooters would intone. With Will Thomas increasingly spreading further its catalog, with better reading game without losing its attributes, Unicaja had good minutes of basketball the second quarter. The Baltimore yesterday in another particular their city derby against Draper and Delaney, did everything.

But the Lokomotiv scored four three – pointers in a row when he started interprear the area that distanced (32-24). Dani Díez got a couple of baskets in counter and a triple to compress (34-33) and leave open break (39-35) party. Plaza also lengthened rotations, a trend in recent games, with uninterrupted presence of 11 or 12 minutes on court. After the break the Lokomotiv raised the pitch of success, especially in the triple. Square was determined that the number of losses down. It is true that the team was facing fewer points awarded on its track across the Euroleague (63 duel), but the movement became thicker and hard to find easy baskets. It was not the best day of Alberto Diaz, it usually is not that of DeMarcus Nelson, Jackson is denied to the hoop, without confidence. And Nedovic already known. When no benefits are generated from the outside it is difficult to easily score. Kuzminskas was the one that made ​​him easily. And the compulsive lying Janning saw the ring as a pool. Claver played havoc with tangible and intangible and menaced with Lokomotiv go (58-49). He held the Unicaja to enter the fourth quarter in game thanks to the good deeds of Will Thomas.

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