BCCI’s review petition against Supreme Court’s decision

BCCI’s review petition against Supreme Court’s decision

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is decided to file an evaluation petition against the Supreme Court’s decision. The RM Lodha Panel has been appointed by the Supreme Court to look into the operation of the BCCI. The panel can also suggest any kind of structural changes to bring in BCCI for more transparency. It is the main reason to file the petition not in favor of Court’s verdict. Anurag Thakur is the president of BCCI and Ajay Shirke is the secretary of this board. They will not go through the planned conference with the Lodha Committee after Markandey Katju suggested them against it. The judicial assessment is pending and they will file it within two days. Board members have also agreed about the review petition. The decision of assessment is based on the opinion of Markandey Katju who was selected to counsel the board.

Thakur unavailable to meet the committee

The BCCI will take appropriate actions after looking out the outcome of the petition review. Anurag Thakur is also a Member of Parliament and he will not attend the meeting of Lodha Team in any case. A review appeal needs to be filed within 30 days of the Court’s decision as per the advice of legal expert. The petition will be heard by the identical bench of judges. Where there is a mistake noticeable, review petitions are frequently entertained. The judges have taken a very particular outlook on this matter. The professional said 99% of the appeals were discharged in the chamber itself.

The court did not consider the petitions which entirely change the nature of the verdict. Most of the experts have felt that should Anurag Thakur and Ajay Shirke not meet with the Committee it might lead to disrespect actions. If they did not meet the Lodha Group, it will further lead to lots of issues in high range. Someone will file an appeal or the Supreme Court itself can file a contempt petition against them. The Lodha Committee also has the rights to file a petition against them and say they have not appeared at the time of meeting.

Interim report by Justice Katju

A Lodha Committee source also proved that contempt measures would be commenced should Anurag Thakur and Ajay Shirke not turn for the conference. The BCCI will not concern about the consequences as they were fighting for survival. They also said that they have their fundamental rights to take appropriate measures against the Supreme Court’s decision. Justice Markandey Katju also conveyed an interim report to the Cricket Board. The court’s order is illegal and unconstitutional and it is the violation of Constitution principles said by Katju. He is the one who advised BCCI to file an appraisal petition before a larger bench.