Bathe in Venice

Bathe in Venice, a casino in Monaco, Nice, sorcery and repair machinery in France – a trip with your car through Europe

After completion of a longer project, break occurs, the will to do something special and enjoy what money earned can give.

Our first real stop was Venice. A small stroll through the old town, and found that in urban areas on a separate island has a wide beach. Exactly at that time across Europe flowed heat wave. Feet, walking along the sands, was burning like fire, and the Adriatic sea water turned out to be the only salvation. It was so salty that did not allow the body to sink. Unwittingly I had the idea that this would be an ideal place to learn to swim.

Venice turned out to be a quiet town with a leisurely rhythm. After a long, hot day wanted to try something from the local cuisine. It mostly consisted of seafood. Ordered lobster, which turned out to be curious event. Fetch cutlery more like the Soviet era in dentistry tools, and it took some time, while nevertheless managed, how to dispose of them. After all of the large crustaceans pair remained only an empty shell.

True, the unpleasant surprise beer prices – six to seven euros per cup. There were many, for all tastes and at very reasonable prices, and every self-respecting Southerner and a restaurant owner offered a self-made house wine.

Next we went to Nice. Approximately 600 kilometers of Passage was not even particularly onerous, and we choose the hotel was located in the city center. Its accommodation, located on the Mediterranean coast, was too expensive, but also from our hotel to the beach was not far – just eight minutes walk. Geographically, Nice is located right in the middle of the small kingdom between Monaco and Cannes.

Bathe in Venice, a casino in Monaco, Nice, sorcery and repair machinery in France – a trip with your car through Europe

The first thing you did – went by public transport to Cannes. It turned out to be both convenient and inexpensive, and after one and a half hours we were able to see how life looks like in the famous film Mecca. The next evening we went to the other side – Monaco. Nothing we could not miss the opportunity to visit the famous Casino Royale. To only enter the casino in the first room, where it was possible to play blackjack and roulette, already had to part with 10 euros. Just dropping a superficial view of visitors, it was clear that most are American tourists who are looking for a Bond-style entertainment, and we have used this opportunity.

On the way back we went via Paris, where most disappointing perfected Disneyland. It is understood that we were not the real theme park audience, but hoped at least enjoy the ride along the roller coaster, but there was not. That was the last item on the agenda of our trip, and were preparing to go home through Germany. That is then rapidly deteriorated in time. It started fold summer rainfall. When you turn on the car heating, we listened to music and watched philosophically how diligently operated wipers. At one point, we began to seem that they are getting slower, and after a minute the machine stopped in the middle of the highway. Already while driving from Nice to Paris auto panel occasionally flashes by that machinery is not charging the battery.