Basketball Star Who Went Bankrupt Wishes He’d gotten an MBA

In 1996 at a tender age of 19, ex-Boston Celtic player Antoine Walker was one of the most enticing basketball players. He joined the club and what followed was his greatest fortune with the club offering him a bumper deal worth $71 million. This would make him not worry about money according to Celtics coach Rick Pitino.

However, in 2010 Walker was faced by bankruptcy allegations which resulted from some failed missions to purchase enormous luxuries and investing heavily in real estates. After this, Walker claimed that it would be advisable he would have enrolled for an MBA if that chance would come today.

He claimed that the sight of money made him invest almost all of it whereas he had little knowledge on how to. He didn’t actually understand his involvement in the investment market. He added that one’s personal knowledge would be vital other than depending on other people’s advice.

With an example of Walker, several learning institutions have initiated MBA programs for artists as well as athletes. A good example is the University of Miami School of Business Administration. Other schools that have initiated this program include the Kelley School of Business as well as the George Washington University School of Business.

Vice dean and management science professor at the University of Miami School of Business Administration, Anuj Mehrotra claimed that these athletes are involved everyday with lawyers, doctors, agent as well as the media and it would be his pleasure to see them succeeding in life even after calling it quit in sports.

Sarcastically, Walker had been in the school of Business management at the University of Kentucky only for him to opt not to conclude his education to join Celtics. He claimed that at the tender age of 17 or 18, he was attracted by the power of money claiming that he could not concentrate in class with the idea of having a bumper contract in his head.

Walker claimed that it would be advisable as a young athlete to be taught and have that knowledge on how to make correct decisions when it comes to investment and money management. With one earning a six figure digit at a tender age, education on investment and management would be very important.