Basketball Player Positions

Basketball Player Positions

Posted on June 14, 2024 by in Basketball

Every player in the game comes with an integral role inside a team’s success. Every player includes a position and knowing that position comes employment description. Their traditional role would be to push the ball up court and begin the offensive wheel turning.

Point Guard

Also referred to as ‘Ball Handler’ or ‘Playmaker’

Normally the least player one of the beginning five. They’re usually the very best passer and ball handler not mainly a shooter. Their traditional role would be to push the ball up court and begin the offensive wheel turning. They ought to either go ahead and take ball towards the basket or remain presents itself the important thing, prepared to retreat on defense. The Purpose Guard ought to be good leaders because they are usually likely to call the plays and direct them. They must be probably the most level-headed player in the game, otherwise the main one who’s respected by teammates.

Tell-all stat: Assist-to-turnover ratio

Famous Example: Earvin ‘Magic’ Manley (LA Opposing team)

Shooting Guard

Also referred to as ‘Two-Guard’ or ‘Off-Guard’

Generally taller than the usual Point Guard but shorter than the usual small forward. They aren’t always an excellent ball handler, but the team’s best perimeter shooter. A great Shooting Guard sets them self up by coming off screens set by taller teammates ready to shoot, pass or drive towards the basket. Additionally they attempt to grab rebounds.

Tell-all stat: Points per game and shooting percentage

Famous Example: Jordan (Chicago Bulls)

Small Forward

Also referred to as ‘Swingman’

The Little Forward may be the all-purpose player on offence. They’re aggressive, strong and tall enough to mix things up inside – yet agile enough to handle ball and shoot well. They have to have the ability to score from both perimeter and also the inside.

Tell-all stat: Triple-doubles

Famous Example: Ray Bird (Boston Celtics)

Power Forward

Also referred to as ‘Four Spot’

Often a rugged rebounder, that has muscles or at best just a little bulk but they are sports enough to maneuver with a few amount of quickness round the colored area (the disposable throw lane) offensively and defensively. The Ability Forward is anticipated to attain when because of the chance around the baseline, similar to a center, truly has a variety of five meters all over the basket.

Tell-all stat: Rebounds

Famous Example: Dennis Rodman (five different National basketball association teams e.g. Chicago Bulls)


Also referred to as ‘The big Man’ or ‘The Five Man’

Often the highest player around the team, the Center should have the ability to publish up offensively that’s, get the ball together with his to the basket and employ pivot moves hitting a number of short jumpers, hook shots and dunks. They have to also understand how to discover the open player within the key and grab offensive rebounds.

Tell-all stat: Blocked shots and scoring

Famous Example: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (LA Opposing team)

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