Basket ball

Basket ball

Basket ball and it’s extend throughout the world

Basketball is the most famous and popular game in the world. People from all age group of people love to watch this game. Basketball was started in the year 1891. It is very oldest invention of all the games. People who use to play this game will get high spirit power and concentration power. The essential items, which are necessary for the players, are the basketball, a rectangular court, and a two 10 feet height basketball hoop. The two hoops should be placed on the extreme side of the ground. The basic rule is the player should shoot the ball towards the basket. If the ball passed through the basket, then the team which throw the ball in the basket will get points. The team, which gets more number of points, will be final winner of the match. Each team should consist of five players.

The rules and regulations of the basketball are formed by the national basketball accusation of America. This is popularly called as NBA. The basket ball game, which is played in the land of America, should follow the NBA rules. The other association, which maintains the basketball league matches, is the FIBA. The abbreviation for FIBA is international federation for basketball. This association regulates the rules and regulation of the international basketball league. Unlike other games, the basket ball game has time limit within which the players has to complete the game. The normal time limit for the basketball according to international federation of basketball is 48 minutes.

In case if both, the team have put any goals within the time given then they will be given an additional time for them to get the point. The player can throw or can pass the ball in any direction. However, he should use only the hands but not the body. At any time if the ball is handled with the body, then it will be handed over to the opponent team to restart the service. The shape of the basketball should be in spherical shape. Its size should be 29.5 – 29.875 inches, as per the national basketball association. While playing the game, the player should not do the practice of shouldering, holding, striking, pushing, and tripping the opponent player. If he continuously does the same thing, he will be dismissed from the game. If the player strikes the ball with the fist, and at the same time if he violates the rules then he will treated as foul.

The players of the basketball are very active and continuously do the walking, running and throwing to their teammates. The player with very tall height will get more preference to put the ball in the basketball hoop. The short player will be asked to stand before the opponent term hoop, to protect the ball to the basket. The player and the team will get 3 points if the player shoots the ball from behind. Same way if the player shoots the ball in front of the line will get 2 points. If the player shoots the ball with free throw, then the team will get 1 point.