Banana Drop Slot Review

Banana Drop Slot Review

Banana Drop Slot has a reasonable payout for the player. It is one of the best games of Microgaming, which will gain the maximum traffic of gamblers. Most of the gambler was expecting the theme of Jungle here but here is some difference in the shape of a banana. Banana Drop slot will give you better information about all the functions and features in the slot. We are not in favor of problems in any slot. A lot of features in the game produced maximum rewards for the players.

Banana Drop can use as online in the entire nations. You have to install all the required software and application before playing. Online betting has more rewards than offline but there is a risk also. One thing keeps in mind that you must know about the up and down in the behavior of games.

Functions in the Slot

A gambler can use only six reels among the 4096 pay-lines to win all the given jackpots in the slot. These options are enough to make all the combinations and combos on the reels of the slot. Medium volatility and maximum rewards posted average coins to the account of players. The amount of Return to the Player is 96%, which is a good thing in the absence of progressive jackpot. On the other hand, the payout of 6,000x enhanced the quality of the game versus the others. Free spins, games, multipliers, and stacks will be the last hope of players. Here is the betting range of Banana Drop.

Betting Range and Payout

The range of betting started from only $0.15 to $30 which used to cover all the fifteen coins. After putting the betting coins, most of the spins will start to run on the reels of the slot. On the next side, the stacks of 6031x are waiting for a gambler who did well in the middle of the slot. It has more rewards than the expectations of player but you must handle the fee games and multipliers with the scatter and wilds symbols.  Here is the method to play the Banana Drop slot.


How to Play Banana Drop Slot?

Banana Drop added many features in the slot but we always relied on the wild symbols. We are not assuring that the wild logo will produce good results for us but it is our need to play through it. You have to make all combinations with the help of Banana symbols by falling on the reels. After triggering the button, the symbols of the banana will be opposite to the reels. We must not stop the falling of symbols on reels to win maximum rewards. All the banana images will pick a lot of wilds symbols and rewards also.


Extra trees of banana can gain with the large Build up features to create more chances at the end. It is very useful to do work through these options instead of waste money.  If you want to draw more seven free spins then put all the scatters symbols on given reels three times. On every round, you will be happy by getting the Falling Banana option which is good to move better. The presence of stacked monkey symbols enhanced the value of lower symbols towards the maximum ones. Online betting took the place of offline betting from the last decade due to an easy way for earning at home. Here is the detail of the theme Banana Drop slot.

The Theme of Slot

The theme of the slot added all the symbols related to the jungle and fruits. Banana Drop slot gave a new chance to a player for getting some excitement and reward. You will be happy after knowing the attractive pictures of Hippo, Lions, Zebra, pineapple, watermelon, and others. A lot of Royals and colors created more beauty for all the players to make the game useful.



It has a good option for newbies to gain some knowledge about the slot. They will enjoy the medium type volatility and payout. There is also some risk for players but on the other side, more than 6,000x rewards would help to decrease the problems of all the winners.