Baccarat changes face with Playtech Prestige range

Baccarat changes face with Playtech Prestige range

Playtech launched an exciting new version of baccarat called Prestige Baccarat a few days ago. This is the second title that the designer adds to his new collection.

With unique gameplay and high quality offered via a closer view of the action (obtained from five cameras), this new title has generated much excitement here on COF, and throughout the mobile gaming industry. Unfortunately, French players will not be able to enjoy this game, since Playtech does not offer its games to France.

Playtech, one of the best software provider’s world, presents a new baccarat game with a modern look. This title offers those who enjoy live casino games an improved, modernized and exciting version of baccarat. With the key that Playtech brings, live baccarat offers a considerably enhanced gameplay. Players will enjoy replays of their victories and see the action take place from five angles, which will allow them to enjoy a more authentic experience than ever before.

Prestige Baccarat presents a new environment with a custom-made background where you can see the symbol of luck in Chinese culture, and offers several camera angles. The developer focused on the Squeeze feature that enhances the appeal of the title as well as the experience that live casino games are supposed to offer. In addition to the player experience that has been reorganized and improved, croupiers are handpicked in relation to their skills and mother tongue, all according to the options selected by the player.

A first for Playtech

Prestige Baccarat of Playtech served as a springboard for the first live interface restructured by the software provider that follows the launch of the HTML5 roulette, which was created taking into account the comments of the operators and the customers combined with numerous searches, all this In order to offer players the best possible experience.

Baccarat is one of the most popular live games for Chinese players. The background of Prestige Baccarat enhances the user experience with its theme of Chinese symbols evoking luck, and among the available features there is the Squeeze option on which particular emphasis is placed. This practice is common in physical casinos where players have the ability to take a look at the hand before the cards are revealed, and this is where Playtech’s Prestige Baccarat makes realistic the gaming environment as well than the user experience. Croupiers have also been carefully selected to meet the needs of players from various regions.

Kevin Kilminster, Head of the Playtech Live Innovation Section, said that the design of Prestige Baccarat had required a lot of research, and that the company had created the new version by working closely with casinos to ensure that players had a product they will enjoy and who will offer them the best live baccarat experience. As for Shimmon Akad, CEO of Playtech, he said that Prestige Baccarat and the Prestige product line marks the beginning of an exciting journey that will see the company launch its new generation of live games.

This game from Playtech is available on several online casinos , but we remind once again that this developer does not supply the French market. Players from France will not be able to enjoy this game.