Australian Open betting tips

Australian Open betting tips

Posted on July 15, 2024 by in Tennis
2020 Australian Open betting tips

Are you looking for Australian Open betting tips and odds for the upcoming 2020 event? Then you have come to the correct place. Our Australian Open betting guide gives you entire info you will need to make winning wagers in a single convenient location.

The Australian Open event marks the starting of the Tennis Grand Slam tour every year, kicking off the Australian sporting chart with a bang. Held in the last 2 weeks of the Jan, and sometimes spilling into the 2nd month of the year, the Australian Open has been played at Melbourne Park since 1988 and currently has total prize money more than 70 Million Australian Dollar. It hosts men’s singles matches, women’s singles, men’s doubles and women’s doubles and mixed doubles.

The first event organized in 1905, the Australian Open has a very rich history. After initially being played on the conventional grass court, the Australian Open has moved a little forward with times and is now played on hard Green Set Court.

Once the ugly duckling of Grand Slam event ROTA, the Australian Open is currently one of the best attended and most viewed events in the world. It’s also a major draw card for bettors, with internet bookmakers doing a roaring trade in Australian Open each year.

How to gamble on the Australian Open 2020

Australian Open betting needs signing up at the book maker website of your choice and making a deposit. You might then visit the Tennis option of the sports book to put bets on the event at any time. Outright wagers will be available throughout the year, offering you the opportunity to wager on your Australian Open 2020 winner prediction. Wagers on specific games will only be available after the draw has been announced, nearer to the commencement of the event.

In play betting for tennis, games are also possible at most internet bookmakers, live betting provides you the chance to wager on tennis games while they’re already in section. Special in-play betting markets are available for point by point betting.

Australian Open 2020 Betting Tips and odds

There’re a number of factors that should be taken into account when making Australian Open betting prediction. The following betting tips for Australian Open 2020 can be utilized to make winning wagers:

  • Rafael Nadal: 4/1
  • Novak Djokovic: 13/8
  • Roger Federer: 17/2
  • Alexander Zverev: 20/1
  • Daniil Medvedev: 11/1
  • Nick Kyrgios: 33/1
  • StefanosTsitsipas: 20/1
  • Dominic Thiem: 35/1
  • Juan Martin del Potro: 50/1
  • Stan Wawrinka: 50/1
  • Marin Cilic: 50/1

Playing Conditions

In the Australian Open playing, the condition can play a big role in the result of a tennis match. Your Australian Open prediction should reflect this area. When making your Australian Open prediction for wager be sure to check which players have had success on hard surfaces. Most players prefer 1 surface over another and have had way more success on their favorite courts.

Tournament Draw

One of the most vital Australian Open betting tips to consider is the even draw. When making Australian Open 2020 winner prediction, you’d first take a deep look at head to head matches and how the draw will play out. If a player runs into a hard or easy draw, it’d significantly alter their chances of winning the event.

Use Multiple Bookmakers

Australian Open betting odds are not forever similar at each bookmaker. This might provide you superior odds than another, which can make a huge difference in your payout. Therefore, one of the main Australian Open betting tips is to ensure you utilize multiple bookmakers. You’ll also have the chance to take the benefit of multiple bonus offers!

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