Australian Open 2021 betting review

Australian Open 2021 betting review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Tennis
Australian Open 2021 betting review

Do you want to know about the winner of the Australian open 2021? If you are searching for the right information about the task, you have reached the best spot. In the side of men, the Novak is ready to defend the title, which is not magic for the first time. He played well in the last contest of the same title. On the other hand, Osaka also prepared well to face all the opposition teams in the mega title on the side of women. The title of 2021 Australian open praised in all the nations. On the other hands, it would be the 107 the match at the same ground.

All the details of players and pairs have finalized after reading the detailed previews. It is not an easy task to announce the winner of the day. For the viewers’ ease, I have collected the data of all the well-known players at the international level for the first time. You must have to read the full description of the content for getting the close detail.

Betting Tips & Odds

The time is short to start the enormous title of tennis. We have seen that the players do not get much time to prepare themselves for the contest. They were busy in grand slam side and just picked 15 days to refresh for the high profile games. Most of the experts said that this title would be completely different than all the previous ones. Now, let’s what will happen in the matches.

Australian open tennis is scheduled to start on the 8th Feb 2021. It is different than the last cup because of the disease of COVID-19. Some players will get some practice, but the other will remain in an isolated condition for 15 days, which is not easy.

Who Will Win?

Everyone knows that there is no comparison of Novak because of having too much experience in this format. He also succeeded to obtain the more number of titles in the past time. On the other hand, we can not forget about Rafael Nadal who remained undefeated in 2 games from the last three ones. So, it is an exciting thing to see them back to back result and performance. Let’s see what will happen on the play day.

Latest Australian Open Title Winners

Women’s Singles:

  1. 2020: Sofia Kenin
  2. 2019: Naomi Osaka
  3. 2018: Caroline Wozniacki
  4. 2017: Serena Williams
  5. 2016: Angelique Kerber
  6. 2015: Serena Williams
  7. 2014: Li Na
  8. 2013: Victoria Azarenka
  9. 2012: Victoria Azarenka
  • 2011: Kim Clijsters
  • 2010: Serena Williams

Men’s Singles:

  1. 2020: Sofia Kenin
  2. 2019: Novak Djokovic
  3. 2018: Roger Federer
  4. 2017: Roger Federer
  5. 2016: Novak Djokovic
  6. 2015: Novak Djokovic
  7. 2014: Stan Wawrinka
  8. 2013: Novak Djokovic
  9. 2012: Novak Djokovic
  • 2011: Novak Djokovic
  • 2010: Roger Federer


All the detail of the previous profile of players and teams showed very carefully. In the last title 2020, the Sofia Kenin put massive pressure over the opposition to claim the title. It is not easy to announce the winner of the match before seeing the final result. However, the Novak, Federer and Sofia are the prominent players to play in the upcoming contest.

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