Aus Dem Tal Casino Game Review

Aus Dem Tal Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Aus Dem Tal Casino Game Review

Aus Dem Tal Casino Slot made by the Endrophina with the gold mining theme in it. It is scheduled to release in Feb 2020 for the casino market. The tale of the slot is about the dwarf-like with the friend to show some struggle in the lift with the tiny mouse. The review of the Aus Dem Tal described the information to dig the gold with the reels, betting range, payout, multipliers, free spins, rounds, wilds and scatters symbols. Here is the detail of all the present components in the slot.

Aus Dem Tal Slot can be played through the smartphone of android type with the help of the software and applications for it too. Most of the gamblers liked to do bet as online instead of waste time in the casino stations but it only was done by the experienced wagers of the casino because they know the functions very well versus the newbies.


This product came into the market with the 5 reels and 20 pay-lines for the users of the casino. The reward which is settled by the maker of the fixed with the 1,000x the stake. The Return to the Player is 96% which is an average figure at the start of 2020 but it is not too bad to leave the slot. While the other symbols which played a vital role here are the wilds, scatters and free spins to amuse the gamblers.

Betting Range and Payout

Ten coins can be used for a line in the slot from the given 20 lines. The range of betting for all the pay-lines is from the $0.01 to the $200 which is an impressive amount for the player. The reward added by the Endrophina is up to the 1,000x the stake which is equal to the $200,000 like a huge Jackpot. There is not an option for the Progressive Jackpot but the functions in the slot are useful to get the required result but for this, you must know the detail of the work of the symbols.

How to Play

There are two main symbols in the slot which helped in the working of the much time. The Wilds symbol will work for you throughout the play of the which is at the bottom of the slot and can be used to do the work of the alternate with the regular symbols but you could replace this option with the scatters. The role of the wilds symbols would be interesting and useful for the gamblers than the other significant symbol.

The symbol of dynamite is another good sign for the player because it has the logo of Bonus. This scatter sign of symbol helped to trigger the for getting 12 free spins. The good news for the users that they did not need bet to get the free spins from it. It will also make the combination with the wilds to get more prizes from the slot by getting 12 more rounds for mega jackpot.

No doubt, the best experience can be got by playing the casino game physically in the station of the casino rather than online betting. But, online betting increased day by day than the casino fixed placed in most of the countries of the world.


The theme of the Aus Dem Tal is based on the gold mine where the entire slot focused on the dwarf and his small mouse-like companion in the game. Both tried to get gold from the underground. The new slot of the Endrophina posted the symbols of the carts, lanterns, helmets, nuggets of Gold, wilds and scatters symbols for playing in the casino game. Overall, this slot has all the expected things to amuse the gamblers of the world.


It is an interesting slot with a payout of $200,000 to make happy for all the players while the RTP is f 96% will not disturb the users also. Wilds, Scatters and free spin options will favor the wagers at a crucial time.

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