Aurora Casino Game Review

Aurora Casino Game Review

Aurora Casino Game of Relax Gaming is scheduled to release in March 2020 for all the gamblers of the world. The makers of the game tried their best to show the Borealis of Aurora of the Native American style by using the required symbols and features to describe it. The Review of the Aurora consisted of the reels, betting range, pay-lines, multipliers, stacks and wild symbols with the regular to remain alert to the players of the casino. The method of how to play the slot will be helpful to lose the money for the gamblers in all the slots.

Aurora Casino slot can be played by the use of the smartphone anywhere in the world but you must know that there are an application and software which is used to run the game. Online Betting is more preferable than the offline due to the easy access and pays to the makers of the game.


There are 5 reels and 30 pay-lines in the entire slot with the return to Player of 96% which is just good than the required but the payout would be the huge matter for the gamblers of the casino. The slot is of low volatility because of the strength of the features and functions in it. The symbols of regular, wilds, free spins, rounds and role of the Troll can lift the slot too high to get some better response from the players. If you want to get more people to play it, then add an easy method to play for the online players.

Betting Range and Payout

The range of betting started with the lower amount of $0.30 but the maximum is of the $40 which told the volatility of the game. For all the given 30 pay-lines in the game are, you can use $1.40 for one line to do best and win maximum reward up to the 150x/ in front of the farmer gambler, this reward would not get the gamblers from the other best game due to lower ones. The Return to the Player of 96% does not tend to gain the people towards it.

How to Play

The symbol of the W logo will be responsible to make the alternate from the symbols. This W logo can be used very easily to make the combinations from the regular symbols and to replace the lower symbols from the area of the slot to make the required combo. The wild symbols will also be acts to make the combinations to give the stacks up to the 5x which is a mega reward from it. After that, the next wild will also come but it would offer you the option of the free spins after covering the 3 reels from all.

There are chances of the Nudges there but it is not assured that it will show on the 3 reels separately. After running the free spins, the reels will move to both sides like the left to right and right to left for releasing more spins. After rotating the troll, the functions and features work will be on end to draw the maximum jackpot for the players of the game. The options of the bonus and multipliers will help you to add more from the additional wilds symbols. The method to play the slot of Aurora is best to understand the slot.


The theme of the game is based on the fantasy and the Northern Lights to leave some inspiration in the mind of the players. The appearance of the blue sky and the area of the northern and planet amused the gambler for a long time. The symbol s of the troll wilds, W logo, Aurora logo, 4 idols and Royals of 4 types with the stone bring some light into the theme of the game.


It is the best slot for the casual players of the casino due to the presence of reliable functions and features in it. But most of the farmer players will not be the part of the game due to the lower quality of the payout, RTP and multipliers