At the Unibet Casino the Santa Claus already presents

At the Unibet Casino the Santa Claus already presents

Posted on November 10, 2023 by in Gambling
Unibet Casino

At the Unibet Casino, you can now have a gift every day. Because the Christmas man has already quartered there and distributes every day gifts to randomly selected players. And in order to belong to the good fortune, which is richly given, you do not even have to make much. Just play at Bingo and get your Christmas present with Fortuna’s help.

Money gifts in the total price of 50,000 euros

The Unibet has given the Santa Claus a great capital to surprise you. Every day there are happy winners who can look forward to one of the prizes of the Santa Claus. A total of 50,000 euros will be given away in Christmas and beyond. Because at the Unibet Casino, the Santa Claus will arrive until 1 January 2017 and bring you great money gifts.

More than 3,000 payments are made by the Santa Claus during the entire period of the event. And among them are five very special gifts. Five times the Santa Claus gives away even 1,000 euros to a happy player in the Bingosaal.

Bingo play and win

If you are already a customer of Unibet Casino, it is easy for you to be one of the lucky winners. Just go to the casino’s bingo area and play an exciting round of bingo. If you are not yet a customer at Unibet Casino, register yourself and then do what the registered players do. Just play bingo in the Bingobereich.

Every day in the time between 11.00 and 23.00 (CET), the Santa Claus is beating and always gives a player in the Bingosaal. And this to every begun game round. Just play three rounds of bingo and you are already qualified in the eyes of the Santa Claus for a gift. The chances are not so bad for you to be one of the lucky winners, who are given some money by the Santa Claus.

Fulfill conditions and just be happy

Of course, in this Christmas bingo action, certain rules apply which you have to fulfill. So, as already written, you must play at least three rounds of the Bingosaal to qualify for a possible win. If you are looking for the first distribution of the prize at 11.00 am, you must have played two bingo games right before this, in order to be considered for the award ceremony at 11.00 am and therefore in your third game. After each award, the winner will be announced immediately, of course in the Christmas-decorated Bingosaal, where the player is currently staying. But the winner certainly also immediately realizes that he has won. Finally, the money is credited to the account, without any delays.

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Of course, this Christmas action is not valid for Mining and only for the selected Bingosaal, the Unibet Casino announced every day before the start of the bingo action. But you also have the opportunity to win more than once. And even if you participate in the Christmas action, you can do so with a clear conscience and, of course, be rewarded by the Christmas man. In addition, only the general terms and conditions of the Unibet Casino apply.

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