At 18, she buys her first lottery ticket and wins $1 million!

At 18, she buys her first lottery ticket and wins $1 million!

You know the concept of beginner’s luck. Although no scientific evidence has ever attested to such a maxim, some believe that a novice will have a better chance at a game of chance than a person who is used to. If we take into account the incredible story of Charlie Lagarde, we could easily believe it!

This 18-year-old Quebec girl bought a scratch ticket for the first time in her life and received the maximum prize of $1 million or $1,000 per week until the end of her life! The winner chose the second option, which was safer and potentially more profitable .

An insured annuity until the end of his days

The timing in life is something uncontrollable and incomprehensible. The fact that you choose to do this or that action at a particular time can have both happy and dramatic consequences.

In the case of Charlie Lagarde, the consequences of his actions will be beneficial for the rest of his life!

Barely 18, the young Quebecker decided to celebrate her birthday by buying a bottle of wine and a lottery ticket. The first ticket of his life. Scratching the ticket, she notes that she won the grand prize of $1 million … Welcome to the world of adults! It is unlikely that this young woman will ever have money problems.

The Quebec lottery gives the winners the choice to pocket the sum immediately in full or to be paid as and when. Charlie has chosen the progressive payment option and will be entitled to $1,000 C per week until the end of his life.

In addition to being a reasonable option for not wasting the entire sum, it is also a strategic choice in terms of ultimate gains. Indeed, Charlie will have won the million by arriving at 37 years. If she continues until she retires, she will have earned some $2 million. Choosing the progressive payment is a good way to keep your head on your shoulders but also to win more.

This young francophone winner can only see life serenely. She will be able to choose to work if she wants to, or to take advantage of this income without stress.