Astro rocks slot review

Astro rocks slot review

Charming aliens are not new sight in slots available at Microgaming online casinos but yet I do not feel excited at any rate when a game like Astro Rocks appears. Adorable, with a lot of chances to get paid and a few features that will prop it up for some time, the slot has a lot to offer. This is a Microgaming discharge.

8×8 reels are accessible in Astro Rocks, a game with a Cluster Pays framework which makes it genuinely simple for wins to come your direction. Fit for delivering payouts of over 1,000x the stake, the slot will likewise include symbol swapping, cascading reels and wild symbols among its features.

Betting and Prizes

We realize that Astro Rocks is capable of giving players wins of over 1,000x the stake for a single paid spin.

Astro Rocks Slot Features

You do not get the regular payline or even approaches to win, to frame your combinations on. The 8×8 reels and 64 symbols accessible in Astro Rocks will form wins by having different position with matching symbols, all contacting each other horizontally or vertically. At the point when another win forms, what follows next is a blast which removes the symbols in question. The vacant positions would then be able to be occupied by new symbols and extra wins may result from this.

Assistance will be available from wild symbols when they appear close to normal symbols and they can form a group together. Wilds will act as normal symbols that are close to them if another win can form

Theme & Design

Expect to locate a asteroid mining and alien themed discharge in Astro Rocks. A game which is well planned, featuring adorable animation style graphics, it has a large game territory and accordingly its symbols are genuinely small. Half of those symbols comprise of different kinds of space rocks while the others are with charming aliens.