Astro online roulette news in the best gambling city in Europe

Astro online roulette news in the best gambling city in Europe

Certainly As.Tro has chosen a path fraught with difficulty to present to the various cities along the Peninsula his project of “good game also for the territory” which is having “success”, but not as much as it deserves as it happens for the world the free online casino . The presentation also to the city of Naples and then comes up with some asperity about the game rules that limited to five hours per day of activity that could not sustain any exercise, even that food or footwear. Let alone a recreational activity that, perhaps, has a rental of premises “heavy” and resources like employees.

So the meeting with the City of Naples has become essential in this “As.Tro crusade” in which it will be argued that there may be a different approach with “this world of games” that is shared from the territory, by the citizens: the consequence of a lack of relationship with the structures is that the game, as though lawful, will be forced to leave the territory in illegal hands that are ready to welcome a nice “customer base”, already available to play anywhere. And that given that the illegality and its activities do not know ordinances, schedules, switching on and off: there everything is permitted, except for authorizations to exist … that does not exist.

Now, the Neapolitan game as said, can “live” only five hours a day as per municipal regulation in force for over two months, months in which operators have made significant economic losses, but this regulation and its validity was confirmed by the Tar Campania and by the State Council, and therefore, are absolutely legal. Obviously, however, it does not mean abolishing regulatory, disciplinary means and As.Tro will refer to the address taken from the city of Naples to open a confrontation with the administration, asking in the first place an act of clarity, and then submit his project “a good game for the territory” already shown in many other Italian cities, as mentioned in the first lines, and which aims to set up a “synergistic game management between institutions and operators, to ensure to the territories of law principals, professionalism, accountability and transparency, and of course, cooperation with social and health organizations. ”

As.Tro, which also deals with the world of online casino live dealer , refuses to admit that the game is the one and only absolute evil of Naples and if it were to be recognized “you have the absolute prohibition of the legal game” thus accepting the access of only one gangster. Otherwise we should begin to understand that the logic of the prohibitions on the game only serves to move the actual real problem to that of the media management of the phenomenon. If the city of Naples will continue in their attitude “almost persecution” against the legal game will also become aware of the practical effects of this attitude are to materialize and in the case of the city of Naples are nothing short of obvious and already be derived from the first months of application of the Regulation.

And As.Tro at this meeting will continue to emphasize like a mantra which also joins the writer: “ban is the antithesis of the regulatory” and insist as much as possible to get some sort of quality surge in the game’s rules permitted, soaring that will bring operational benefits to the city and business ethics on the part of the game players: the city will benefit from it as well as fun activities that will not be forced to disappear from the face of the land …