The contest between the Aston Villa vs Liverpool matches scheduled to play on 9th January 2021. We know than the Aston Villa failed in the last match. The team of Villa are looking happy because its prominent player recovered for the vital game. I have manipulated the data from the recent performances of the two sides. I hope you will automatically find the winner of the day without getting help from others.

On the next side, if we look into Liverpool, we checked that some leading players suffer from the injury problem. This match got more importance than the usual because they failed to overcome the faults in the last three games. Shaqiri is ready to play a vital role in the match.

Key Players

The Aston Villa has tremendous players in the form of Anwar El Ghazi. Moreover, he played 70 matches so for in recent season and posted 20 goals. No one has picked these figures in the last game. Furthermore, he is the only player who got 8 million pounds from the tams’ administration. He has claimed a lot of results in the English Premier League as well as in the La Liga league 2020-2021.

On the other hands, Liverpool remained successful in Champion League in 2005 last time. Everyone knows that Liverpool club started too played from 128 years. The red teams added most of the high profile players in the groups. They are ready to enter into the contest with full, healthy time. In 2014 and 2015, Liverpool won the league. So, it has a lot of chances to claim another win.

Head to Head

It is compulsory to know the latest head to head result for both sides. The Aston Villa did not post a single win in the last three matches. On the next side, the opposite side has done well to increase more chances in the game. Let ‘see what will happen in the game.

Betting odds and Tips

I have searched the different source to check the prediction of the match. Unfortunately, I failed to find any prominent result. Most of the experts and former player announced that the game would be ended at a draw because both the sides have prepared well and ready to fight each other.

Who Will Win?

It is not easy to declare the winning side before the match. Moreover, no one can assure about the exact result of the game. We also know that the rating of players and teams remain in fluctuations all the time. Sometimes, both the sides played well and failed to do a goal till the last of the game. And, a key player put the only goal into the area of bars. If you want to know about my prediction, then I am in favour of Liverpool. It is due to the failure of Aston Villa in the last three consecutive matches.


I tried my best to post all the recent and head to head information for the viewers. If you still have any question in your mind, you can go to the more official prediction sites. You must gather and analyze the last games data, key players and the role of injuries. The Unibet is also an official place to tell the betting tips and odds for a football match. Their consultant said that the game would end without any result as 1-1. Only a miracle can change the side of the game. You have to wait for the last work till the end of the game.