An Asian is the first football

An Asian is the first football

An Asian is the first football coach who devotes champion in a men’s league First Division

In Hong Kong, Chan Yuen-ting took office in December in Eastern Sport Club, a team that now before a date was crowned with four Brazilians and two Australians on campus

Chan Yuen-ting, his parents made him feel his discomfort at seeing inside a soccer field. However, the Asian overcame the barrier familiar with tenacity, got to play in the selection of Hong Kong while studying geography and now, completely mutilated prejudice to become the first coach to win a men ‘s league First Division. The lap was with Eastern Olympic Sport Club, which was devoted to a conference tournament final after winning 2-1 at South China.

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Chan Yuen-ting, 27, was hired in December last year and nearly five months after celebrating the title, the fifth league club in Hong Kong, a separate competition from the rest of China. With the trainer as a guide and four Brazilian players and two Australians on campus, all the popular Mongkok, southwest of the country, he broke a drought of eleven years without consecrate themselves.

Fan in his youth English David Beckham, the coach was interested in football when I was in high school. He dreamed of playing amateur and fulfilled in Sha Tin, in the women ‘s league, then exceed your expectations: its ductility to take any field position allowed him to be summoned to the selected. After retiring, enthusiasm led her to reinvent themselves to keep linked to sport, first as an assistant at Pegasus FC and FC Southern District, and later, leading a team of futsal. Until he achieved three championships with the sub-18 Pegasus and it would open the doors to be the first woman to lead a professional football team in Hong Kong.

Chan Yuen-ting, one strategist.

That was when he came into her life the opportunity in the Eastern Sport Club, with a history that in 2014, the Scottish Shelley Kerr had taken over as coach of the University of Stirling in Scotland’s second division. What could not the British succeeded Chan Yuen-ting in the top flight, with a series of descollantes results: debuted in team blue shirt with a win by 6 to 1 at Yuen Long and lost only one of 9 games with 22 goals scored and just 5 against. Now, you have another glass in the windows of your home and a place in the Guinness Book.

The moment of consecration