Artemis vs Medusa Slot Review

Artemis vs Medusa Slot Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Artemis vs Medusa Slot Review

We are seeing a different interpretation of the legends of Ancient Greece in a game where Quickspin paired Artemis, a goddess of those occasions with a wide range of beasts from similar stories. Fighting griffons, the Minotaur, Medusa and Harpys, the goddess will likewise bring along magnificent top payouts for a lucky few.

5×4 reels and 1024 different ways to win should give us a lot of opportunities to move closer to the jackpot of up to 5,288x the stake. Superb prizes for a slot which has medium unpredictability and you arrive with the assistance of Unlimited Battle Free Spins, the Monster Bounty, Monster Bounty Coins, scatters. Also, the game has a 96.12% RTP.

Betting and Prizes

Picking the wager for the upcoming spin uses a similar system as every Quickspin release. You have a Total Bet segment at the base which should be clicked so as to open up. A list of wager ranges from $0.20 to $100.

Payouts are high, taking into account this is a game which is described as having Medium instability. Up to 5,288x the stake is paid out during the game’s most productive rounds.

We love to see a decent RTP in these games and Artemis vs Medusa surely conveys with a 96.12% being mentioned for its drawn out outcomes.

Artemis vs Medusa Slot Features

Monster Bounty Coins is among the important features that you will use , despite the fact that you don’t get something from them immediately. These will appear at random, being essential for regular medium images and during paid spins.

You gather them anytime there is an Artemis symbol on the fifth reel but it must be surrounded by a golden frame too. The amount you win depends on the image that had the Coin on it but also on the number of them that are available. Prizes for each coin is somewhere in the range of 2x and 15x the stake, where the most will come from the coins showing up on Medusa images.

Another important feature of Artemis vs Medusa with the most noteworthy potential is the Unlimited Battle Free Spins.

You get to these through three extra scatters on the reels. The free spins continue setting off, however long the battle between the two main characters isn’t settled. As Artemis and Monster images show up simultaneously, the last are added to a unique meter.

At the point when Artemis lands, one of the images with Monsters is additionally taken out from the meter, beginning with the least ones. Get the meter at 15 or higher and the free spins reach at their end. The other way for the free spins to be over is for Artemis to destroy the last monster.

The simplest feature of all, the Golden Antler is a wild image which might be utilized in any new blend, given that it lands on a falter from where it can benefit a few.

Theme and Design

Artemis, goddess of the hunt is pursuing the greatest monster mentioned by Ancient Greek mythology. Artemis will be the top paying image, the high symbol while among the medium choices you will find that the Medusa image is the best one by its vibes followed by symbols with Minotaur, Griffin and Harpy. The list follows with six low value images which are giving us gemstones colored in yellow, orange, green, light blue, dull blue and pink.

It is an awesome design and the quality reaches out to the background also, where we see soldier sculptures, standing watchman to one side and right of the reels.


Artemis vs Medusa slot will convey the correct combination of intriguing features, instability or more top payouts, so once you combine in designs and an OK RTP, you have all that you may require to give this one a possibility.