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The match is scheduled to play on Saturday dated 9th January 2021. Both the sides started very slow in the league. However, the spectators want to see a new fight between the two sides. We know that the Arsenal team remained undefeated in the last three matches. So, everyone thinks that it would be the best side of Saturday game. All the players wish to post another win in the Premier League 2021.

On the next side, the Newcastle team faced six defeat in a row which is the real problem. The team management and official looked very worried after the last match. If we look into the previous games, then a common may also predict the next contest.

Head to Head Result

All the betting prediction make on the latest performances of teams. So, the Arsenal side did not lose a single match in the last three games. On the other hands, Newcastle is still struggling to overcome the faults of players. Moreover, its prominent player also failed to post a goal at the right time.

Betting odds

According to different official sources, the Arsenal team will bounce back in the match after failing in the last three rivals. The experts also said that they would post two goals versus the 0 of the opposite side. For more detail and description, I am describing the preview of the two sides.

Arsenal Betting Preview

The key player of the side, the Mikel Arteta, left the team to go for the Christmas. Most of the viewers and experts also criticized the players due to his disillusion in the crucial matches. We know that the Chelsea side faced a heavy defeat by the 3-1 from just before a hefty win of 1-0. Be ready to pick the final moments of the game versus the contender in the coming match.

Newcastle Betting Preview

Captain of every team played a vital role in every match. The main problem created by the skipper who failed to perform in the last games. No doubt, the Karl Darlow did well to find the final result of 0-0 versus the Liverpool. Moreover, the 2nd previous match also did not leave any product into the favour of any team with the 1-1. From all the six winnings fewer games, the Newcastle faced the Leicester’s defeat on Sunday by 2-1. If the playing 11 have not prepared well in the next match, then they must out from the league.

Who will win?

The head to head and statistical analysis favoured the Arsenal in the game. But, during the match, a single player can recover the entire situation. Injuries would be a significant matter for the game. The 2nd half of the game will become necessary because of the grooming players. It has more importance for the Newcastle side to remain in the league. We are waiting for a big game on Saturday.


I hope that you have gathered a precise detail of the teams. The United Arab Emirates is hosting the match. If you still not agree then go to the official sites of the betting for more clearance. Do not forget to analysis the head to head competition and the performances of key players. And 1st half of the game is much important than the second. You have to clear the exact spot for placing any best. Some scammers are also ready to snatch precious money through online scamming. You have to aware of all the person who is waiting to hack you.

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