Arsenal Missed Messi

Arsenal Missed Messi

Posted on May 29, 2024 by in Football

Arsenal missed Messi, now they will try for another star confirms Arsene Wenger

In the 2002, arsenal had a chance of a lifetime, to sign the record breaking, goals scoring, breath taking Lionel Messi. The only thing standing in their way was the thing that Arsenal Management did not wanted to buy Messi’sfamilu a flat in London, and the deal was canceled. Messi, at that time a 15-year old boy somehow managed to get through the work permit complications, but he could not believe what he heard, that the North London club refused to buy his family a flat in London, and the deal collapsed. Arsenal had similar problems with such stuff in the pas as they lose Cristiano Ronaldo and YayaToure to similar small problems, after completing everything needed for the deal to be done.

As soon as the new season started, Arsenal are having trouble with their key players, but the more important problem is that they don’t have a decent replacement, which already resulted in a change of form. They have to be spendable this transfer window as they already got Giroud, Ozil, Arteta, Debushi, out of the pitch, where also Wolkott was, but made a return after 9 months out of the field.

Players from all the areas of the pitch linked with the North London club, as they may move there in the January transfer window. This transfer window Arsenal may, and should, be the leading spender and buyer from the market 2015.

Here are some of the bigger names that link to Arsenal FC:


After ThibautCourtois came back from the Atletico Madrid’s loan, he is sure to stay on the No.1 goalkeeper spot in Chelsea, pushing PetrCech on the bench, and most likely, out of the team. Arsenal are hoping to make advantage and pay less for Chelsea’s second goalkeeper than he is worth, and are willing to offer 7 million pounds.

Mourinho definitely wouldn’t want to sell such big name to the direct opponent, but it’s Cech who has more advantage this way, as he will remain in England’s capital, and will have a battle for the 1st spot in the team where he actually has chance of winning.

ThibautCourtois commented that he admires Cech, and he praised his talent, adding that he wouldn’t blame Petr for leaving the football. As a goalkeeper it’s hard if you lost the No1.

And if Courtois was in the same position, he would have left as well. PetrCech still has a lot of quality in him and it’s certainly one of the best there.

Arsenal Bought David Ospina as a backup goalkeeper this summer, but PetrCech would be a more suitable and more elite asses in all regards.

But they need to make the best bit, because Cech is wanted by Liverpool, Real Madrid and Paris Saing-Germain.

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