Arowanas Luck slot review

Arowanas Luck slot review

One of numerous slots that Playtech has designed for the Asian market, Arowanas Luck includes a special design, altogether rotating around enlivening fish. That is one section that makes it extraordinary but even unusual is the arrangement and the manner in which you play with just a single combination to form.

3×1 reels will just get you one active line in Arowanas Luck. The slot machine was designed with potential compensations of up to 888x that could be paid by that one combo and with just six images that can contribute. Get one of those images to show up completely on the game’s just active line and you get paid, it is as straightforward as that. Highlight wise, there is shockingly little for you to explore, it is truly not the sort of game that could be called complex.

Betting and Prizes

To start playing Arowanas Luck, you need a bet and the game will provide you with a rundown of qualities to choose from. Using 10 coins you spend as little as $0.10 per spin and up to $5. It is not the most costly game around but of course you are not getting a lot of lines either.

The game’s only payline can form just a single mix, so the top jackpots originates from only three images, given that the correct ones land on the line. You will need the Dragon Fish to win a prize worth 888x the stake but there are likewise Yellow, Red, Green, Blue and Multi-shaded variations which will pay somewhere in the range of 100x to 8x the stake.

Arowanas Luck Slot Features

The mechanics of Arowanas Luck are genuinely straightforward. You are using a small game territory with 1 active line in the center and you are attempting to get the three pieces of fish to fit together. There are a few fish that show up on those reels with the tails, center and the head arrival on the reels 1, 2 and 3 separately. You may end up with a red tail, a coward and a jade head but the main reason for existing is to get three bits of a similar color, as that is the best approach to form winning mixes.

Other than the fascinating theme and design, Arowanas Luck won’t give the player any significant features. You just have 6 images to play with and form your mixes, so do not hope to get wilds or free spins too, it is as simple as it gets.

Theme and Design

Arowanas are fish from Asia, which come in a few variations, all living in freshwater and arriving at sizes of up to two or three pounds. Clearly, there is a luck component associated with them also and if there isn’t they can become lucky in this slot machine.

I love what they did with the game’s structure. You probably won’t expect it from a slot machine with 1 line and 3 reels but the quality is in reality high. Just six images are available, extending from the Dragon Fish to the Golden, Red, Green, Blue as well as Multi-Colored Variants.


Arowanas Luck is a brilliant game, very surprising gratitude to the manner in which it was manufactured, however I’m certain it will acknowledged on account of its uniqueness.