Annihilator Casino Game Review

Annihilator Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Annihilator Casino Game Review

Annihilator Casino game is the new slot of Play N Go to get some response from the market after getting some benefit from the Testament of the same series game. It is made to increase the importance of the products of the developers. This slot is scheduled to release in 2020 for all the casino stations. Annihilator is composed of the reels, multipliers, stacks, symbols and betting range with the payout. We are here to increase the winning chances of the players because they placed a high betting. Here is the detail of the functions and features.

Annihilator casino slots can be played through the help of the smartphone as online betting. People wanted to earn more and more jackpot in a short time and this is the best spot to get, Online Betting is better than the offline to waste time at casino stations.

Functions in the Slot

There are 5 reels as usual with the 10 pay-lines to cover all the given area of the reel and slot. The Return to Player is the best sign to gain much from it which is up to 96% like a handsome amount for the users. It is of high volatility slot because of the maximum payout in the form of the 5,000x stacks which is equal to the $500,000 with the additional free spins and bonuses from the makers and developers of it. The reaming main options of scatters and wilds added more and more to the account of the player.

Betting Range and Payout

To play with the lines and symbols, you have to place a bet by knowing the value of the slot. The minimum range of betting is started from the only $0.10 to the maximum of $100 which is very crucial and means that a single line needed $10 to play with it. While on the other hand, you can get up to the 5000x the stacks if you played very well with given options and instructions by the maker of the game. The RTP of 96% is the real thing for the users to get some advantage from the high volatility of the slot.

How to Play the Annihilator Casino Game?

Jeff Water in the slot will work as a wild symbol to make the pairs and alternate with the other regular symbols. It can also make the combinations to win up to the 40x stacks like a good start. After that you can get free spins from the scatters which are called the Fire World to maintain 8 rounds for the player while he playing with the reels. No matter about the locations, either the left or right. All the positions will give maximum rewards to the players of the slot if he is done well with it.

The main role in the entire game is to fall the scatter symbol on the center of the reels to get the trigger options as to pick the options of the Fun Place which is the wish of every gambler to enjoy the 50x the multipliers. The feature of command which will be there at the end of the like wilds will release some trigger to gain the free spins and round after expanding on the reels. There would be the new wins for the users of casino but he has to cool there to stick the wild reel.

The Theme of the Annihilator Casino Game

The theme of the game is based on the heavy metal like the band of Canada with the best design as well as the layout. The graphics and the symbols of characters, scary, dolls, icons and Royals are the real role in the slot. The quality of the game is not attracted by the players but the functions and features will catch the gamblers for it.


The potential and the RTP are made as per the wishes of the players of gambling while the payout would be the problem for the new casino players. It does not have all the required options in it which a slot must-have. The lovers of the casino would like to enjoy it but not for a long time.

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