An overview of the US Open from the Experts

An overview of the US Open from the Experts

To be the best of the best, dedication and extra hard work would call in. To top in the list in the ATP means one would fight hard to beat all his compatriot players and scoop several trophies in a span of not long. For instance, Daren Cahill is a great tennis legend who was even nickname “Killer” for his awesome time on the pitch and his ability to thrash all his rivals to claim various slums.

At the beginning, the Australian was ranked in the 22nd position in the ATP standings. He would later overcome and conjure his rivals by lifting three major titles. In 1988, he reached the semifinals of the US Open. After hanging his career, he took up the coaching role. His first client and trainee was Lleyton Hewitt who with Cahill’s help become the youngest player to be ranked in the No.1 position a stand that has seen yet another Australian Lydia KO. Cahill later took charge of Andre Agassi who would be the oldest player to be in the No. 1 spot.

Currently, Cahill who is aged 49 is a tennis expert at the ESPN. He leads the way when it comes to Expert Picks standings at a three-quarter poll. He claimed that he’s going to scoop it all. He even assured the journalist that the 100% record will be eminent for him.

His prediction for the Wimbledon was wins for both Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic. This would later earn him 32 points. With the upcoming US Open knocking, he leads other analysts with 74 points. He is followed closely by Greg Garber with 69, ESPN commentators Cliff Drsdale and Chrissie Evert with 64, Mary Joe Fernandez has 53 whereas Patrick McEnroe and Pam Shriver guns 48.

Here is the full list of expert picks that was enacted through Wimbledon. Darren Cahill (74), Greg Garber (69), Cliff Drysdale and Chrissie Evert (64), Mary Joe Fernandez (53), Patrick McEnroe and Pam Shriver (48), Carl Bialik, Peter Bodo and Brad Gilbert (37), Melissa Isaacson (32), Matt Wilansky (30), Jim Caple (20), Kamakshi Tandon (0).