An online player earns €90 million and becomes the biggest winner on the internet

An online player earns €90 million and becomes the biggest winner on the internet

The online lottery site Lottoland has just awarded its biggest jackpot since its launch by allowing one of his players to pocket a jackpot of €90 million! It beats widely the previous record set at €22 million in 2016. An incredible feat on the part of this player that we only know via “Christina”.

A bonanza amortized by the insurance of the site

This player – German resident – is certainly one of the luckiest people on the internet. Christina successfully participated in the EuroJackpot lottery, which is part of the lotteries offered on the Lottoland website. The EuroJackpot was created in response to EuroMillions, to satisfy the Europeans’ desire for games. It was created in 2012 and has a record set at €90 million.

So far, it has been won (at its maximum) only a few times and this is the third time a winner pockets the €90 million.

But for Lottoland, it is largely a record because the Paris site allows to bet on this lottery by giving players the opportunity to find the five winning numbers among the fifty proposed and two numbers ‘euro’ among the ten. He acts as an intermediary but is responsible for paying the winners (since he directly recovers the bets).

Fortunately for Lottoland, he will not have to pay the €90 million because he has taken out insurance in case of jackpot. This insurance was also increased last year, in case a winner would venture to win a mega jackpot (with a maximum of €120 million). Perfect timing for Lottoland who will be able to ask his new provider to pay half of the €90 million, while the rest will be partially amortized by insurance “normal” Lottoland.

In the end, this seems to be the dream operation for Lottoland because the site will only have to pay a fraction of the bill, while taking advantage of the phenomenal advertising hit that this jackpot will cause.

Absolute record on the internet

In addition to being the record for the lottery site, it is also an absolute record for the internet in general. Indeed, never has an online player managed to win so much at one time. For comparison, the record win on an online slot machine is £13.2 million (the equivalent at the time of the jackpot of €17.9 million) thanks to the slot Mega Moolah Microgaming!