An expert better

An expert better

An expert better talks about next match in Spanish league

Jon Plazaola (Urretxu, 1982) has as much or more fear today ‘s match against Sevilla as his character in the series ‘down there’, Iñaki Irazabalbeitia Galartza marriage with Carmen (Maria Leon). Jon, txuri urdin heart, very reluctantly can not attend live clash at the Sanchez Pizjuan by various commitments in Madrid. What it does is clear is that it will touch endure the banter of his castmates, especially his compadre ‘Rober’ (Alfonso Sanchez) Does it cost to see the Real ‘down there’?

If much. It does to me. We must always aspire to something more. It is true that we have a very dark recent past, with that drop to second, but the realists want to see our team at least fight for being in Europe, history and everything. Hard to see in what has become the Real, in such irregular and especially sad team. We like to see a Real with character, ambition, peppy, cheerful, spark up. Seeing a sad Real grieves the amateur.Since the last time the liam, we qualified for the Champions League, I have not seen a team like that cheerful. It is true that with the departure of Griezmann went much of the joy we had. My father never called me on the phone, but never, and that year I called twice because we won in San Mamés (1-3) and Vallecas (0-2). We would like to see the Real to fight for bigger things.

How you are seeing this year?

Somewhat irregular. The season started with David Moyes quite gray, with a Real or not motivated for the game or for the results. Eusebio is seeing another proposal and I think the team needs a little time to suit the ideas you are trying to instill Eusebio. He has not been able to choose players and both he and the team need more time to know each other and establish the ideas he wants to coach. There was a spring txuri urdin with those four wins in a row, but has returned this Real irregular. This weekend I need to take out the three points because in the shooting Monday they will give me hair.

Do you have to put up with much banter?

Good. Betis are very fond of the Real, just by Esnaola. Following that, the béticos yes we have sympathy. The Real is a team that is respected in Sevilla, which has you in mind.

But Real will miss the play will hold …

Yes. We are facing the end of the season. We have two weeks in Cordoba and there is one, Rober, the head of the electric, which will embitter me. I know. Alberto also. But it will wear well because when we were in a management Anoeta Sevilla I was given a T-shirt and gave it to Alberto. He will wear better, but because it looks normal that Sevilla will win the Real. But is not.