An amazing Mortal Combo on Winamax! 5 euros of bets for 132,098 euros won

An amazing Mortal Combo on Winamax! 5 euros of bets for 132,098 euros won

In sports betting, there are lucky and unlucky, inspired and those who never fall just, but there are especially those who literally explode the bank. This is the case of the player Diakhate96 who managed a few days ago to cash 132,098 euros in one fell swoop. The serial bettor attempted a combined bet of 25 games by betting only 5 euros.

Do the math, it means he beat a score of 26.419 vs. 1!

The bet of a lifetime for Diakhate96

Here is another story that will cause losses to most players who want to imitate Diakhate96. The star of the day has tried a combined bet very daring, in terms of odds, but perfectly affordable in terms of investment. He has decided to put down a small ticket of 5 euros to try to beat a rating of more than 26,000 against 1.

The chances of victories are very thin but when this falls…

Diakhate96 bet on football matches from different leagues, from Europa, League 1 and 2, Bundesliga and other Series A matches. The result is breathtaking because it allows to ogle the purchase of a house by having risked 5 euros. This is one of the most beautiful bets combined ever made on Winamax.

Several other people have achieved outstanding performances with combined bets. The most impressive is undoubtedly this woman of fifty years of who had bet 10 cents to win the colossal sum of 200,000 euros.

Another player, Winamax this time, had succeeded in transforming 140 euros into 73,585 euros, knowing that his main bet was 20 euros for 70,000 euros of winnings. Mistrust because you have to know how to stop and cash in. Otherwise you risk starting from 350 euros to go up to more than 125,000 euros to finally lose everything in one bet.