Americans agree that football causes brain injury and brain damage

Americans agree that football causes brain injury and brain damage

Americans commonly believe that football causes brain injuries according to the fresh poll taken last week. According this poll news that spread wide that the major population of Americans believes that there are lot of chances to have brain injuries by playing foot ball. They mainly have polled about what they believe about the tackle football.

Most of the American children play football and there is at least one person in the family that plays or loves football. Football is the most interesting game for many people to play and watch but the concussions caused due to football matters them a lot. The game play of the football is really interesting but at any point they believe that there are a lot of chances to get brain injuries when the ball hits head of the player.

Though there are some players who affected with brain injuries due to football most of the players and the fans take it as accident. Though the American people have children who loves to play foot ball they have a common thought that it will be tough to handle the situation if there is brain injury which will lead to anything which is unpredictable.
On as serious note they say that though it is an accident the loss will be unbearable and brain injury is the worst a person can suffer from. The real fact is that most of the Americans love football and they watch football than basket ball or base ball. But this poll shows that they are more concerned about the safety than the game.

Their question is about the safety in football game though it is famous and the most enthusiastic game in the world. This poll shows their major concern that they want to have safety in soccer game which they believe as not sufficient as of now.

The poll also shows that Americans have taken the poll as a better option to reveal their opinion about tackle football. They are worried about the tackle football their children play because tackle is the important game play of football. Without tackle football it is not possible to take upper hand in the game but in the same time it is while tackling the opponent to thrash him away from the ball the injuries happen.

While tackling when the opponent speeds up towards the goal the chance of kicking and missing, which hits the head will cause brain injury.

The US soccer board has banned the players under age 11 tackle the ball which increases the possibilities for brain damage. 83 percent of the Parents have voted that their children play football than basket ball and base ball. The surveys and the polls actually open the way to share what really concerns the people.