Already three millionaires in 2017 on Pokerstars slot machines

Already three millionaires in 2017 on Pokerstars slot machines

The casino section of Pokerstars – which may one day be offered to french players – offers more and more interesting games, including jackpot games. Millionaire Island and Genie Jackpots have already allowed several players to win more than a million. So when is the coming of these slot machines on the application of Pokerstars?

When luck strikes

By launching the casino section of Pokerstars, the firm has attracted the wrath of many poker players considering that offering casino games was only a blaze and that it had nothing to do with poker.

Go and tell the three new millionaires of 2017.

The casino section of Pokerstars has indeed been very generous with some of its players. Millionaire Island hit twice in 27 days, with gains of $ 2.9 million cumulative. Two days later, another player slammed a $ 1.3 million spin on Genie Jackpots.

The first millionaire was revealed by Millionaire Island and turned out to be an ordinary student (now he’s a millionaire student, much rarer ). “Pkr_rager” is a poker player at the base who wanted to experience the slot machine experience. He is not attracted by this kind of games at the base but the prospect of pocketing over $ 1 million on a spin has the merit of being catchy.

While logging in for the second time only to the casino software of Pokerstars, he has experienced what is called the beginner’s luck by cracking a spin at $ 1,410,720. At 27 years and still in the studies, the news has enough to make euphoric.

This gain was followed 27 days later by another student, recognizable by his pseudo Luis Cancela U, who was able to transform $ 1 into a jackpot of $ 1,517.303 at the end of January 2017. The account of this incredible spin is accessible here.

Two days after the win of Luis Cancela U, a Russian player from the room to the red spade cashed $ 1,368,281 in the same way, except that his win took place on the Genie Jackpots slot. As always, the winner took a moment before fully understanding what had happened to him.

Note that we are talking here only of the winners superior to the million, but other players have had the chance to earn substantial gains, as this German player who has validated a jackpot of $ 282,050 on the Super Diamond Deluxe machine on February 27 latest.