Ainsworth and Novomatic want to take over the United States

Ainsworth and Novomatic want to take over the United States

At the end of June last year, the Austrian gambling company Novomatic had every reason to be delighted, because the minority shareholders voted for a sale of 53 percent of the shares in the Group from the Alpine Republic at an extraordinary general meeting held at the leading Australian automaker Ainsworth Game Technology. This opened the way for Novomatic to invest around 300 million euros in a solid and growth-oriented company in the own circle of subsidiary companies. Despite the approval of the authorities, the implementation and merging of important business lines between Ainsworth and Novomatic is already progressing strongly, as there are hardly any competition concerns in Australia with regard to the acquisition medium, unlike in Austria with the CASAG. The Internet gambling business, with online casinos and lottery offers from both companies, will benefit from synergy effects in the future. Thus, Ainsworth began to exchange the entire portfolio of game machines with Greentube, right after the sale to Novomatic. On the one hand, the Australians get full access to all Novoline slot machines, like BOOK OF RA, and on the other, Greentube gets the Ainsworth slot machines popular in North and South America. In addition to the comprehensive range of first-class games, Greentube will also provide 1,000 gaming kits for the European market this year, enabling Australians to develop and deliver new content for online casinos in Europe.

With Ainsworth, Novomatic is expanding its American business massively

A total of 300 million euros for 53 per cent of a company are not even for a gamble gaming like Novomatic not even just from the portocasse to finance and so, of course, the new owner expected in the future also very much positive of his new daughter. The underlying idea, the takeover of Ainsworth Game Technology by the Austrians, was above all the strengthening of their own presence on the entire American continent. Although Novomatic, of course, was already active in this area before, it took all registers to gain new customers and to acquire new sales markets, such as the development of its own television show called “World Championship of Slots”. But compared to Ainsworth, his own business in America is still more or less in the children’s shoes. The Australians are a big number, especially in the US, generating almost 40 percent of their sales, with an increase of 34 percent last year, and are also the fifth largest manufacturer of slot machines on the ground. However, not only in the USA, Ainsworth is very well positioned; in Latin America, too, new office buildings were recently set up for the markets of Argentina, Peru, Mexico and Colombia. By taking over the Australians, Novomatic will significantly strengthen its presence on both continents, to the west of the Atlantic, and, thanks to Ainsworth’s existing customer contracts, a lot of new partners will get involved without having to resort to expensive acquisitions .

Ainsworth at the ICE – for the first time under the flag of Novomatic

For the first time this year, Ainsworth Game Technology will no longer be represented with its own booth at ICE Totally Gaming, the largest gaming fair in the world, but will take its place on the gigantic booth of Novomatic. Despite this time, the Australians under the flag of Austria will be their latest and best products to the fairgrounds, the ladies and gentlemen of Ainsworth should not complain about lack of space, or possible visiting deficiency. In addition to Novomatic itself, Greentube and other subsidiaries will also have the opportunity to attract the attention of visitors and interested parties. Ainsworth will mainly try to win new customers for its highly successful series of A600 series players. With multigame packets, LCD touch screen and large screens, this series will continue to establish itself in the American market and convince casinos to rely on the devices of the Australians in the future. World Championships will also celebrate the next generation of Ainsworth slot machines. In the A640 series, the screens have been enlarged to 40 inches, an LCD touch screen integrated, and a “BASH-BUTTON”, reminiscent of the old days.