Agent of Hearts slot Review

Agent of Hearts slot Review

Play n Go released its latest product of Agents of Hearts, for users in the entire world. All the story has taken from the tale of Alice in Wonderland. I have checked some decent roles in the slot machine about the book mentions. You need to know the detail of the reels before taking any actions. The logo of Wonderland that showed in the background is interesting for the users. According to my own experience, it is a special game than all the others.

Reels & RTP

There are seven reels in the slot machine among the Cluster Pays of 5 additional symbols in the slot. We have a detailed loss of features like the Cascading reels, free spins, scatters, wilds, and top prizes in the slot machine. The amount of RTP will not raise too many issues for the players. You can use the 96% RTP for the betterment of payouts. Do not worry about the game’s volatility because it is high, and the final payout is 6252x the stake.

Betting Range and Payout

The betting range has started from only $0.20 to the $100 to spins each reel for you. But, it does not mean that you have to play this game. The other options can create problems for you. You can win up to 5162x with the help of the given betting amount. Overall, it is not a bad slot because of having a middle and high volatility range for viewers. The only issue is the lowest RTP amount which is just 96%


You need to know about the five main matching symbols in the slot. It may be available in horizontal or vertical lines. Some of the newest symbols in the big cluster can pay you more than usual. I have checked that the central three reels picked five symbols for each line. The other only can get the seven ones. We are not well aware of the given shape.

The features of Cascades will appear after getting the new wins. You may find the new clusters to draw the other jackpots. The W logo showed an image of a red heart, which helped in the wild in this sector. You may take into the different clusters to alter the functions to make the additional combinations all the time.

Random hearts are the unexpected features that will give you seven wild symbols in different positions in the whole area. The four premium symbols showed in special characters. After making the cluster, there is another modification for you. You have a chance to modify the features here. The presence of Rabbit showed the trigger features for you.

Theme and Design

All the features and images have been taken from Alice Adventures in Wonderland. You will already have experience in character to know the game. The mad hatter is the best symbol of all the others. We cannot ignore the Cheshire cat, Caterpillar, and Mouse in the game. All these four symbols with gemstone can release maximum award for you.


It is a very different game as compare to the other. No matter, it is a cluster pays slot machine and do not like by many users. We have different kinds of angle features. According to the demand for games in the world, it has a fifty percent chance to get the reward. If you have any other product’s game options, then please it for others.