Ageing factor

Ageing factor

Ageing factor is he one of the main factor in the women’s basket ball team

Basket ball is the famous game in America and it is the one of the game which has huge fans and supporters. The game play is very interesting and it is really terrific experience to watch the game as the game has a lot of interesting time. Fans have their favorite players and teams and there are national levels and international level tournaments happen every year. Tall Ferns is the international New Zealand women’s basket ball team.

Recent news about the team is that there is no better performance by the team in the past tournaments and the coach of the team is under pressure. The whole team is under pressure since they suffer severe loss continuously. Though players give their best they could not manage the opponent’s power and force and critics say that the team loses their hope in methodology or the strategy they use. Anytime the opponent will change the strategy depends upon the flow of the game which will turn the game to be favourable on their side.

But this is lacking in New Zealand as they could not plan a better strategy to defeat the opponent team. The coach and the team manager says that they team take a lot of efforts but even then due to the age factor of the players they lack in performance and miss the ball to the opponent. The team has to revise their strategy and realize their potential to battle against and also they have to understand what they could do.

The coach of New Zealand’s women’s basket ball team feels that the team has players who were the best players back then but now due to ageing they could not give their full power as like they had given earlier. The basket ball board of New Zealand should consider revising the players in the team so that it may taste success in the future tournaments.

There is a common problem in the women’s sports that anytime the players move away from the team to look after their family, marriage, kids and anything relate to these factors. Therefore taking the problem in to account the team should have to keep players who can be used alternatively. Coach of the New Zealand women’s basket ball team says the aging factor of the players will impact the success of the team. The aged players should be changed and there should be chances for the new players coming in.

The players of the team should be energetic and able to carry the pressure. New Zealand women’s basket ball team comes in to situation that the top class players are moving out due to various reasons and the team is working to bring more new comers this time. The team is getting ready for the upcoming Olympics and they say they will give a tough fight.