Afghanistan vs. Zimbabwe 1st Test Betting Review

Afghanistan vs. Zimbabwe 1st Test Betting Review

The match between Afghanistan vs. Zimbabwe is scheduled to play on 2nd March 2021. I am here to check the profile of two teams for betting purposes. If you want to know the two teams’ complete detail, then stay here till the end of the content. I will also add some instructions for the newbies to get an advantage at the start. We have seen some scammers on the internet scam the data. Let’s start with a preview of the two sides.


Everyone knows that the Afghanistan team is doing well for the last some years. Their spinner played a vital role in the results. On the other hand, Rashid Khan is the leading bowler for him. The management called him back from Pakistan Super League to join the national team duty. Moreover, the openers and lower order are hunger to make runs in all the crucial games.

In the last season, Afghanistan also rattled the hopes of Ireland on the same ground. Let’s see what is going to happen once again here. Batting could be the only problem for the skipper of Afghanistan.

Now, let’s talk to the Zimbabwe team. The side also has some prominent players in the tea who posted many runs on the board. Brendon Taylor, Sean Williams, and Ervine could only hope for them in a crucial match. No doubt, all the other players can do their best when required. But, in test cricket, you need to be relaxed and calm forgive days. If the batting side did well against the Rashid Khan, no one would stop them from maintaining the scoreboard. But, in cricket, ant thing can happen at any time. So, it is not easy to stay on a wicket for a long time.

Betting Odds & Predictions

I always suggested the views to see the head-to-head results of teams before placing the bet. Moreover, do not forget to visit the injuries of players. The venue also imposes much impact on the match. All the things must be in mind for better working. If you place any bet without checking all the things, then you are going to waste money.

Who Will Win?

According to my expectations and experience, the Afghanistan team has more chances to win the match. They are doing well in the last six months. Moreover, some quality bowlers are the reason to do well in a crucial game. Sean Williams and Ervine could end Afghanistan’s hopes if they remained on the pitch for a long time.


I hope you have read all the essential information about the two teams; if you still have any confusion in mind, you may check any other spot. However, you will waste your time and money. Do not forget to complete the profile before placing the betting. On the other side, you must check the scammers on the internet. Always pick the experience bookies rather than the newcomers in the market.