Adam Scott Goes

Adam Scott Goes

Adam Scott goes through a hard time in Australian Masters first day

Will Adam Scott be in a position of attaining a third Master title? This is the big question as the player continues to find life difficult in the Metropolitan Golf Club in Melbourne. The second ranked best golf player shot a 1-over-par 73 which kept his hopes up as it drew him level in the 51 position who rank six shots from leaders, Stephen Allan, Wright, Steven Bowditch and Todd Sinnott.

Bowditch is the favorite to clinch the title as he made his mark in the fifth hole by hitting a first birdie; this was followed by sixth carding and concluded the day with birdies in his 12th, 14th and 16th hole. He made a blunder in the final round which left him tying in the first position with several other players.

Scott claimed that his day had been worse due to the strapping northern wind that affected the game. He added that he had taken off well until the 18th hole where problems came in. however, he tried all he can and rescued himself to finish the session with a couple of few shots. His group entailed Geoff Ogilvy the 2006 US Open champion as well as Ryan Ruffels a 16 year old player. Ogilvy ended his day with a 3-fewer than 69 to place seventh while his compatriot Rhein Gibson ended the day with 4-under matching Aron Price.

Ogilvy claimed that the strong wind that was evident during the session was the reason as to why they faced tough tests in the initial holes but the climatic change as the game progressed redeemed them back to their actions.

His counterperson Wright echoed these words by claiming that it was a brutal day to play in where one was forced to hit the ball in an underground projectile. This helped one especially when teeing. He however claimed that he adapted to the game and was in a position to claim two consecutive birdies in the 8th and 9th holes. It was his very first time for him to play in Melbourne and he claimed to enjoy every bit of the game.