ABA League

ABA League

ABA League – Slovenian teams rock the others

Slovenian basketball champion typhoon continued successful appearances in the regional ABA league. In the 14th round of the fact by a seventh victory on tour was the 60:51 better than Sutjeska, which has climbed to the top of the table currently occupies fifth place and is ranked the highest of the three Slovenian representatives.

The home side led solely by 2: 0, and then a typhoon with a partial outcome of the 13: 0 fully reign supreme on the floor and on the first break away with five points assault. In the second part we entered the home only five points, while awake until the completion of the third quarter, when the partial outcome of the 12: 0 dangerously threatened challenger and is closer to a mere five points.

After the last break the Šentjurčani stock monitored with great defense, which is Sutjeska allowed a mere 51 points, duel peacefully brought under the roof, with success while upgrading historic first win on tour in the league ABA from the previous round. Best was when shooting Sandi Čebular with 16 points, but the threads (1: 6) takes the free-throw.

Sutjeska: Typhoon 51:60 (42:47, 21:34, 16:21)

Troika: Sutjeska 6:26 (Spasojević 2 Vranješ 2 Pavlićević 2) Typhoon 4:19 (S. selfish, Čebular, Bratož, Bolčina).

The year that is ending, it was also a basketball court on the territory of the former Yugoslavia varied and stressful. The changes demanded by the world basketball organization FIBA, were taken away by then almost irreplaceable duo Rado Lorbek & Roman Lisac, who led the regional ABA league since its inception in 2001. A few more united then and today’s times – even when the basketball Europe is split . Fourteen years ago, we had Fibino suproligo and Ulebovo Euroleague. The FIBA Champions League Even today, the clubs fight for the affection Association basketball federations of Euroleague ULEB and FIBA. Who will succeed, it is difficult to predict. No need to be too clever for a declaration that will be decided by money. At least in the Balkans is a fitness club budgets is such that it looks at every penny. Fiba along the lines of the football Champions’ League, which the club provides millions, of planning Basketball League of Champions, which is expected to have 30, 32 or even 34 members. According to one version it should have liga ABA two cities on the other three. The first two should have been provided, the last, third, should a representative of the regional league tries to obtain the qualification. Ulebova Euroleague would have a 16 or a maximum of 24 places. Firm guarantees not, but according to the latest data, the Balkan region had a guaranteed place to another would be representative of the ABA league compete in a special qualifier.