AAU basketball vs High school basket ball which is best?

AAU basketball vs High school basket ball which is best?

Posted on November 10, 2023 by in Basketball
AAU basketball

Basketball players and professionals are mainly from high school where they get trained to participate in the national level basketball team. National level basketball team is dream for the school and college level players.

Much number of or most of the players in the national team are from some high school basket ball team. High school basketball is the best place to get trained in all manner of basketball and to cultivate basketball skills.

Top class players from various national basketball teams are from high school, mostly these players either play basketball from childhood or they are introduced to basketball from school level.

Coach of Golden state warriors team Mr Steve Kerr says basket ball of AAU is not appreciative and it is sub class of game from the high school game. He says that high school game is much professional and it is the best for basketball players. It is quite common that there is tension between the basketball of high school and basket ball of AAU.

AAU is Amateur Athletic Union a sports organization in America that trains number of players for various sports activities. Starting from the age of 9 any interested person can get trained and it is allowed till 19 years old.

They train interested students and players who are interested in particular sports and to get involved in the sports they can join with the local sports as per the age and AAU will take care of the training. The players will be used to play tournaments against various teams.

For basketball AAU conducts the best competition in the city for which they use the trained players to have tournament between cities. Players will get trained by playing various tournaments which makes them to be shaped for the national level team.

But the NBA basketball coaches usually say that high school teams are best comparing to AAU since most of the national basketball team players are from high school basketball team. The famous high school basketball teams are Oak Hill, St Anthony, Findlay Prep and many others. These schools and teams have made much contribution to professional basket ball team.

But the coaches from AAU says that in the high school basketball game the players will play only few tough matches in a year, may be like  7 or 8 matches but in AAU they play tough games every night or every day.

Both basket ball games have slight differences in coaching when the players of high school basket ball team plays against players from AAU then they get some exposure which they don’t get from high school, vice versa.

Some players like strategies of both basketball as they can learn different tips to get skilled in playing.

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